5 Ways to Design a Country Style Home

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You don’t have to live on an expansive farm in rural Texas or southern Ohio in order to enjoy a country way of life.

Install some beautiful hardwood flooring and pick up a few farmhouse furnishing essentials to create a cozy country-style theme even if you live in the city or on the coast. Here’s how to adopt the rustic charm of country living.

Rustic Kitchen by Denise Stringer Interior Design, featuring Carlisle Pine Flooring

Wide Plank Flooring

There are several varieties of wide plank wood flooring that would set the perfect backdrop for your Country style home.

Reclaimed wood flooring create the warm coziness and lived-in ambiance of a beautiful rural home in the countryside. Unlike the way natural stone tile can appear ostentatious, distressed and hand-scraped wooden floors look relaxed and comfortable, inviting guests to feel right at home.

Don’t be afraid to be aesthetically unconventional. Dark wood flooring can set the mood for a design concept while also begging for a colorfully painted statement wall or bright furnishings. Then to create balance, repeat the hue of your wood floor in other accents in the room. Find throw pillows with the rich red tones of cherry wood floors or a lampshade to match the midnight tones of dark white oak flooring.  The “whitewash: look is also popular in the farmhouses style.  It was a popular way to keep the inside of the home light and bright.  In this case, opt for a light white and wood cabinets, walls and wood floors.

Farmhouse Dining Table

Turn your dining room into an intimate entertainment spot with a farmhouse-style dining table, a wooden bench and a few vintage chairs. The table not only gathers friends and family to bond over home-cooked food, but it serves as an artistic focal point, creating a warm dining space.

Style is everything. Imperfections in salvaged wood—like deep indentations, slight cracks and color variations—create eye-catching charm. Adorn the table with a bucket floral centerpiece or three potted plants. Offset the wooden table by laying a patterned kitchen rug underneath in earthy colors like pumpkin, brick or avocado green.

Rustic Garden Shed

A backyard garden shed can organize your yard tools and serve as an alfresco work space. But it can also decoratively define an outdoor space. Nestled in the corner of a backyard landscape covered in overgrown vine and distressed wooden panels, a shed can store your ATV replacement parts, landscaping machinery, bicycle equipment and household lost and founds. Build an awning over the entryway and paint it red for contrast. Surround the shed with an antique bird fountain, lush greenery, stone walkway and vintage wheel burrow or wagon filled with flowers. Accentuate the space even more by adding shelves to the back of the shed where you can stack birdhouses, ceramic pots and watering cans, as well as hang gardening tools, dried floral bouquets and wicker baskets.

Country Kitchen Accessories


The kitchen is the heart of a home, the sweet spot where loved ones gather to cook, eat, laugh and love. Adorn (and equip) the kitchen with decorative accents, tools, containers and space-saving ideas. Occupy blank wall space with a large wooden board and use nails to hang an assortment of coffee mugs. Install a fire clay farmhouse kitchen sink. Fill vintage canisters and mason jars with coffee, tea bags, sugar, and flour to set on top of countertops. Use vintage green glass wine bottles or small buckets as flower vases to decorate shelves and countertop space.

Also, think DIY. Homemade hanging lanterns, mismatched antique stools and a repurposed industrial kitchen island can embellish the space. Built-in wall shelves offer aesthetic storage space for decorating with recipe books and ornaments like white milk pitchers, china dishes, a cake plate and olive oil bottles.

Hoosier Cabinet

The Hoosier cabinet is a kitchen cupboard popularized during the early 20th century. Originating in Indiana, the three-part cabinet provided a storage and working space for homes that weren’t typically equipped with cabinetry space during that time period. Since modern-day houses are designed with built-in cabinetry and fixtures, the Hoosier cabinet can serve as more of a Midwestern, antique kitchen accessory.

The Hoosier cabinet is also a great place to decorate for changing seasons and holidays. Get spooky for Halloween by sprawling decorative cobwebs from corner to corner. Then switch out the Halloween decor with gourds, fall foliage, berries and acorns to create a harvest theme for Thanksgiving.

What do you love about the Farmhouse Style? What products did you use?

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