5 Ways to Get Comfortable in a Modern Decor

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5 Ways to Get Comfortable in a Modern Decor

There are many things to embrace about modern design.  Most people appreciate, and secretly long for, the clean, organized interior, others are secretly wondering “does anyone actually live here”, while saavy designers like Los Angeles based interior Design firm, JAM Design, has figured out that you can have both. 

In a recent Elle Décor “quote of the week”,  owner of JAM Design, Jeffrey Alan Marks, states:

“We’re really into comfort. Not some abstract idea of what a comfortable room should be, but real comfort—the kind where you can happily drift off for an hour or two with your dog at your feet.”

—Decorator Jeffrey Alan Marks, June 10, Elle Décor Quote of the Week

With this in mind, we've come up with 5 tips for your modern decor.  Many of them are DIY, or they can be updated any time.  You can even swap them out as seasonal trends, or personal preference allow.   The modern backdrop will always remain, but the aspects of comfort can be modified to suit your desired changes.  We hope you, and your dog, will appreciate the new found comfort. 

1. Color Me Comfortable

Modern interiors are often associated with a monochromatic interior décor. 

This may be the cornerstone for your interior design, but you can add a little color to enhance the comfort level of the room.  If you are still developing the foundation of your design, use this logic when selecting furniture pieces.  This room from JAM Design reflects a contemporary décor but the varied colors of the furniture pieces make the modern feel less overwhelming.

Source: JAM Design

You can also include throw pillows, window fashions and other textiles, which are a simple way to infuse a room with color.  Or look to your accent pieces like artwork or pottery.  Or perhaps a vibrant accent wall.

Hickory Wood Floors and Colorful Accent Wall from Carlsle Wide Plank Floors

2. Terrific Texture

It is no surprise that some modern interiors, while beautiful, can seem somewhat sterile. 

The best way to counter this effect is by adding something that appeals to your tactile sensations.   There are many ways to do this.

Perhaps you’d love the smooth feel of the Pottery Barn Turner leather armchair

Turner Leather Armchair on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

The soft luxury of Kelly Hoppen velvet wallpaper

Kelly Hoppen Velvet Wallpaper on Carlisle Wide PLank Floors Blog

Some texture underfoot with a distressed wood floor or small shag rug.

Or the add some character and comfort with something as simple as luxury throw pillows.

Luxury Throw Pillows on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

3. Bring Nature Inside

Everything feels a little less sterile when flowers, plants and other botanical elements are added to a modern room. 

Bring a little bit of nature into your home with a house plant or seasonal flowers.  If your architectural design allows for it, make a grand entrance to the back patio with large sliding doors or oversized windows to show off any view or back yard, you might have.   

Why not add a wall mural to an accent wall.

Or plant some trees right in your home.  This might be a good fit for you city dwellers out there, and will require some careful architectural and construction planning.
House Plants for Modern Decor on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

4. Got Wood?

Speaking of nature, wood can go a long way, in a verity design elements.

Create a more comfortable, yet modern interior and replace your marble or porcelain floors with a natural wood floor.  They are easy to clean and can be finished to accommodate any look.  To maintain a simplified design, you can have the floor crafted in all one width, versus random widths. 

You can also add wood to your walls and ceilings, like this Original Surface Barnwood.  

Antique Wood Flooring for Modern Decor on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


If antique wood wall paneling is a little too vintage, for your modern home, add hardwood wall paneling. This will add a lot of comfort, and warmth.  This is a nice contrast especially if you have concrete or brick walls, or smooth surface flooring like tile or porcelain.



5. Make it personal

When it comes to creating a more comfortable environment, nothing reflects this more than adding a personal touch.

Certainly the decisions above reflect your personality, but you can remind people that real people live in the home with family photos or portraits.

Maintain a modern feel with a collage of your favorite photo collection above your living room sofa, or in a hallway.  Consider using alternating size frames and photos or keep it symmetrical, depending on your personal preference.   Black and white might be a little more modern, or color photography could add the right touch of color your room needs.

Family Portraits in Modern Decor from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

These suggestions reflect the most important tip of all – add some variety.  We hope the tips above will help you do just that, with great results! 

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