6 Design Ideas for the Common Interior Wall

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6 Design Ideas for the Common Interior Wall

Walls are part of every home – or are they?

Sure, walls serve an architectural and structure purpose, in some way or another when building a new home.  After all something needs to hold everything up.  But what if you want to forego the traditional interior wall made of 2×4, plaster and paint.  Well we have some ideas for you! 

Whether you envision large expanes of space for your growing family or hate to be confined by small rooms and restrictive walls – we've uncovered and discovered 6 great projects to take your interior walls from ordinary to extraordinary – and any good architect can make it happen so you get the interior design you envision!

Bamboo Rain Shades

For one lucky couple relocating to Costa Rica brough them closer to nature.  Their home literally has almost no walls even in normally private areas like a bath and bedroom.  The large expansive living room is protected by bamboo rain shades to keep out the weather on stormy days.   Native foliage also comes in handy to create a little privacy.


Antolini Stone

We recently discovered Antolini Stone Luxe Interiors and Design, and it's no wonder people have fallen in love with it for luxury interiors. 

Their Prescious Stone collection is just one of several collections of stone crafted at their company, based in Italy.  In this project the stone is backlit creating a beautiful ambiance.


Glass Walls

Glass is a natural replacement for the standard interior wall, it gives you great visibility to all the areas of the home, adds an interesting and artistic architectural element as you show off all the beautiful spaces of your home.

And with a home like this from Candy & Candy Interior Design in London – featured in Robb Report September/October 2013 Edition, who wouldn't want to show off this interior.


Wood is a very popular alternative to the traditional wall.  You can use a dark wood floor like Walnut if you want to create a contemporary decor. Or you can use a reclaimed wood floor like Original Surface Barnwood to create something more rustic or vintage inspired.


You might be thinking of the Victorian era when you think of curtain to divide your rooms, but you can really use them for any look.  Consider this home from Traditional Home magazine, it features a a home desiged by Paige Sumblin Schnell, with seeping silk curtains around the master suite that are hung on industrial metal hardware.

The oak hardwood flooring isn't a bad fit either!

Custom Lighting

Last, but certainly not list, why not consider some custom lighting for your walls.  It creates a stunning backdrop for this contemporary home designed by Stamford Designer, Carol Brewer, and featured in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

This custom chandalier was created entirely on site, and has 6500 Swarovski crystals and 450 strands of side-emitting fiber optics.  You would feel like a movie star decending down that wood floor staircase.

What do you think of replacing your interior walls with one of these ideas?  Which one is your favorite?

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