6 Steps to Create a Cozy Nook for Summer Relaxation

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6 Steps to Create a Cozy Nook for Summer Relaxation

Summer is here. A time for rest and relaxation, and when the weather is too hot outside, why not find a cozy nook inside where you can unwind, enjoy a cup of sweet tea, or a good book – or why not both!

If you are thinking about adding this small haven to your home, we have some ideas to help you plan and design the perfect space.

Step 1: Placement.

If you are thinking about adding a nook to your home, now is the time to evaluate all your unused spaces.

Reading nooks are small and compact where you can sit back and lounge. Some good spaces include unused space in the attic or basement, an unused window in your formal dining room, an unused space outdoors, a closet, or a quiet corner in your sunroom. Consider a reading nook for your child’s bedroom; it’s a great haven to unwind before bed.

You can turn the most random places in your home in a cozy haven!

Once you determine where your new nook will go, you need to decide whether you want it sectioned off from the rest of the home or whether it will blend in with the existing room and decor.

If you are going to blend the nook in with the existing décor then you should maintain the same color scheme and style. If you want to create a little privacy in your new nook, there are many ways to do this. Add a stylish sheer drape with back ties so you can open up the space as needed. Add an exotic touch to your room with African inspired netting around a bean bag chair or pillows.

Step 2: Functionality and Seating

The functionality of your reading nook is pretty simple – create a cozy, comfortable space where you can sit back or lay back and relax.

Your nook should provide ample storage for the books, drawing pads, snacks and drinks you might want to enjoy in your new space.

A traditional nook has flat bench type seating.

Reading Nook and Dark Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

But, that is not the only option.  There are so many other styles to choose from depending on the décor of your room.

Step 3: Comfort

Every nook needs ample space so get the right amount of comfort when you use it.

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When you layout your nook, make sure it is in an area large enough to allow you to sit up without bumping your head, and long enough to lay back if you are so inclined.

Step 4: Staying Organized

When you layout and set up your reading nook it is a good idea to think about how it will stay clean and organized.

Installing shelves around, under or on top of your reading nook will keep magazines, books and other knickknacks in order. If you are installing bench seating, make sure it doubles as a storage area for blankets and pillows that you might want to use, or might want to get out of the way when your nook is IN USE.

Post a small, but discreet garbage pail by your nook so it can stay neat and clean.

You may also want to consider a docking/charging station and speakers. While you unwind you can charge up your devices or enjoy your favorite classical melody while you read.

Step 5: Lighting

Your reading nook won’t do you much good if you can’t see in it.

You can layout your reading nook next to a big picture window, patio window, or install a skylight above, to take advantage of the natural lighting.

But this won’t work during the shorter winter months, or once the sun goes down. Consider recessed LED task lighting in the ceiling, within the shelving or the walls. A stylish floor lamp behind your armchair, or hanging pendant lamps are a great way to add lighting to your nook so it can be enjoyed any time of day.

Step 6: Décor

If you love to decorate then your new nook will be a fun project!

In addition to your preferred seating, you’ll want to pick out the wood or paint color of your shelves/cabinetry.  Light wood will make the space feel more open and bright, so if your nook isn’t very large this might be a good way to go.   You may also want to use a darker finish especially if you want it to complement your dark wood floors.

You’ll also need to determine what you want on the walls of your reading nook.  Will the walls be covered by windows or a patio door?  Do you want to install antique flooring for your wall paneling for a rustic look? If you will be painting the walls, be sure to choose a color that goes with the overall theme and décor of adjacent spaces. 

The overall size of your space will determine how simple or wild your décor can be – don’t get too wild in smaller spaces as it will look too busy.   Also keep in mind that your reading nook should be a relaxing space, and wild prints, geometric designs and such may be less calming.  If you like this style décor, use it on small accents pillows and keep your walls more neutral.

Looking for design ideas for a new wood floor for your cozy nook area?  Request a free copy of our color catalog for inspiration!

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