6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

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For some of us, Spring is just around the corner, and many may already be thinking of that necessary spring cleaning and refreshing of the home. Today, we’ll look at six simple ways to freshen up your home for Spring.
Carlisle white oak hardwood floors
Carlisle White Oak Floors, Harlan Residence, Chicago, IL

1. Window Coverings

If you live in an area with colder weather, you may have updated your window coverings for both fashion and functionality. Heavy, dark drapes keep rooms warm in the colder months, but for summer it is time to lighten and brighten.

Replace your heavy, dark drapes with sheer curtains, and light colored window covering that let in the light and the beautiful colors of spring. You may also find now is the time to install automated window coverings, like blinds, or shades from a company like Hunter Douglas. Remote operated shades offer the convenience of having just the right lighting any time of day with the touch of a button, or with a prescheduled automation.

2. Textiles

Similar to your window fashion your textiles may be ready for an update too. Your bed linens, throw pillows, bathroom and kitchen towels, and other useful home accessories can be easiy updated to give each room refreshing, spring inspired style.

Carlisle dark oak flooring with white and orange accents
DC Living Room from Forma Design with Carlisle White Oak Prefinished Dark Wood Floors

A trip to your local home goods store, or a visit to sites like OneKingsLane.com, 1st Dibs  and Wayfair offer the convenience of online shopping for on trend, and unique hone goods.

Be sure to pack away, don’t get rid of, the winter goods, as you never know when you might want to use them again. This night be a good time of year to test your “storage” and organization skills…if you are looking for ideas check out our blog on organization and labeling to get your home ready for spring cleaning.

3. Freshen Up Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first room you, and your guests walk into when they arrive — this is a great place to make a statement to ring in the Spring season, and update the décor in fresh colors and with seasonal accessories.

Carlisle medium stained whit oak flooring
White Oak Flooring

Some simple changes include:

  • Update the colors
  • Paint an accent wall in a new color or pick a new wallpaper
  • Add some flowers to the space
  • Hang up some new family photos
  • Pack away any remaining winter accessories
  • Update area rugs

Looking for more ideas on designing the perfect entryway, check out our blog post.

installing prefinished hardwood flooring4. Install New Flooring


Spring is the perfect time of year to begin a remodeling project or start planning for your renovation. Many people want to have their renovation or remodeling projects compete  before the school year is over so families don’t miss out on coveted summer vacations. Some home improvement require a big investment of time, but other improvements can be done in a matter of days. If you want to update the look of a room, next to painting it a new color, installing new wood flooring is one of the easiest things you can do.

Prefinished wood flooring makes this process even easier — most people can live in the home while the updates are taking place, which is make it so convenient.

No matter what style flooring you may want, custom flooring manufacturers, like Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, are uniquely suited to provide flooring solutions in all sorts of styles, colors, and designs. White wash style wood floors are very popular, even though they are a light, bright design option for the home, they work just as well in fall and winter when it gets darker outside the  inside will still be bright and comfortable.

Carlisle White Oak Floors in a Living room
Carlisle White Oak Floors, Langhorne Residence, Washington, DC

5. Pick Some fresh Colors

Several times throughout the year, Pantone reveals their pick for seasonal colors. No matter what you are planning to do to your home this Spring, check out their spring palette for some inspiration.

The Pantone 2018 Spring Colors feature a variety of hues whether you like the soft tans, seaside blues, forest greens or bright pinks.

6. Bring in the Outdoors

For many of us, we’ve been inside all winter, tucked into blankets, warm clothes, fireplaces blazing, radiant heat systems keeping us warm underfoot after hours outside skiing, snowshoeing or just playing outdoors. But as spring emerges, so too does the sun, flowers, trees and other plants. Find a way to bring the outdoors inside and savor the bounty of spring even when you are indoors.

Carlisle White Oak Floors, Los Angeles, CA
Carlisle White Oak Floors, Los Angeles, CA

Nana walls, moveable exterior and interior walls are excellent for this kind of thing, because they literally open up an entire room to your outdoor living space.

Carlisle White Oak Floors and Nana walls
Carlisle White Oak Floors, Langhorne Residence, Washington, DC

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