7 Interior Decor Ideas for the Wine Connoisseur

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7 Interior Decor Ideas for the Wine Connoisseur
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Reclaimed Chestnut

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”

-Andre Simon

Homeowners around the country are converting bedrooms, bonus rooms, and cellars into more desirable spaces.  If you are a wine enthusiast that unused space might be the ideal location for your new wine cellar or tasting room.

If you are looking to bring your passion for fine wine into your home, we’ve come up with seven interior decor ideas, to help you with planning.

My Wine Space Design

Like a fine wine, the design of your room can take on many “flavors”.  So the first question to ask yourself, is “what kind of style do I want?.”

Do you want to recreate a rustic wine cellar from an old French Chateau such as this Wine Cellar by Pinnacle Architectural Studio?

Do you want a sophisticated and contemporary look to your new space?

Do you want something a bit more retro and modern?

This decision will help you determine what kind of materials you want to use for your walls, flooring, and other interior decor elements.

1. Wine Room Walls

The walls of your wine room provide the cornerstone for your space.

They begin with proper construction, framing, and insulation provided by your builder.  To gain some insight into what this process looks like and what products are used check out this guide from Wine Cellar Innovations.

Once the basic construction is complete, this is where the fun begins! You need to decide what type of material you will use for the walls.    Will it be old brick or stone? How about reclaimed wood wall paneling?  Or some polished concrete.  You may even be interested in a faux finish painting, or mural.

2. Wood Flooring, Paneling, and More

The use of wood in a wine cellar is very common.   Here are a few ideas to incorporate wood wherever you decide to store and display your wine:

    • Wood paneling in your ceiling
    • Reclaimed wood floors for a rustic feel to your wine cellar or storage area.
    • Dark wood flooring for a modern look
    • Wood shelving and wine racks
    • Wood beams or rafters in your ceiling or around the perimeter of your room
    • Wood wine barrels for decoration and storage

3. Wine Room Seating

It’s important to understand how your wine cellar will be used before you figure out the seating arrangements.  Are you going to have wine tasting parties and host gatherings in your wine cellar.  If so you want to have plenty of seating.  Consider an oversized table with plenty of seating, or a hand-crafted island with bar stools.  If you want something more casual, why not some leather armchairs and ottomans.

If you are exclusively going for storage then some traditional seating, or stools should be all you need.

4. Wine Room Lighting and Ambiance

transitional wine cellar by Shm Architects in Caruth Residence
Transitional Wine Cellar by SHM Architects, built by Tatum Brown Custom Homes. Photography by  Nathan Schroeder.

Lighting is an important consideration for a wine room as it serves many purposes.

Naturally, the lighting is important to support the functionality of the room.  You don’t want it so dark that you can’t move around.  Installing lighting with dimmers or a timer, is a great idea for a wine room so you have complete control.

Lighting also helps set the ambiance for the room.  Recessed lighting, pendants, natural or colorful LED lighting will be perfect for a modern wine room.  For something a little more vintage, consider wrought iron lighting fixtures, glass globes, and lanterns.  Create spaces within your walls for candles (real or fake) to add to the antique decor.

5. Water Fountains, Humidifiers and Pools

Every wine room needs proper humidity.

You can do this the modern way with a basic humidifier, or you can have a little fun with the decor and add a water foundation or misting bowl.  In some of the more elaborate wine rooms you may even find custom made fountains and small pools.

6. Wine Room Storage

The storage within your wine room will be one of the most important elements of your room.

They will store all of your carefully crafted treasures until you are ready to uncork it and they can add an interesting design element to the room as well.

You can build custom wood shelves to store your wine.  There are a variety of contemporary storage options as well

And don’t forget to include some cabinetry to store your wine glasses!

7. Entry to Wine Room

The entry to your wine room can be something as simple as a wood door, or a think glass entry to allow everyone to see inside.

If you have a valuable wine collection proper security is going to be a necessity.  Locks, wrought iron doors, and other methods might work.  But if a complete electronic surveillance system works best for your collection, be sure to include that in your electrical design and home security when the rooms is being built.

Wide Plank Flooring In Wine Cellar
Image:  Evan Joseph Photography

For more ideas on the fundamentals of building a wine cellar, check out this helpful article from Houzz.


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