8 Small Ideas for A Storage Saavy Kitchen

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8 Small Ideas for A Storage Saavy Kitchen

Kitchens are the hub of the home.  You want to keep it looking fresh and organized.

We’ve uncovered 8 small ideas that can make a big difference to help your kitchen be storage savvy.

1. Retractable Kitchen Storage

The space under your cabinets can become a dead zone. But it has the potential to house many useful storage features for your kitchen. From wine glasses, to accent lighting, or some handy retractable storage for a small flat screen tv, or cookbook. Don’t let this space go to waste.

2. Towel Racks for Pot Covers

Sometimes the best old gadgets make the best new tools.

Case in point, from Martha Stewart Living, some stainless steel towel racks have been tastefully installed on the inside of cabinet doors. Now, you can rest all the covers for your pots and pans, giving you more room for the rest of your dashes and making the covers so easy to access. 


3. Magazine Racks for Cutting Boards

Do your cutting boards get buried under your other pots and pans?

Install a hand-crafted wood shelf system on the inside of your cabinetry. Now you can stack all your cutting boards up giving you easy access to them, and ensuring that your other pots and pans don’t pile up on top of them.   You can probably find one to match your wood floors or your wood cabinetry to maintain the design, even when your cabinet doors are open!

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4. YouCopia Spice Stack

YouCopia is leading the way in innovative kitchen products.

From your K- cups, to spices and baking supplies YouCopia has plenty of storage solutions to help you stay organized.  And you can incorporate them into your existing cabinetry so its never too late to become a little more storage savvy.


5. Storage Saavy Kitchen Island

We can’t all have a large oversized kitchen island to keep all our kitchen goodies.

But you can retrofit an existing island to help step up its usefulness for storage.  Build some cabinetry around the existing island, like in this kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens.  Store dishes, cookbooks, bakeware and other goodies to keep them off your shelves.

Kitchen Organization Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


6. Pullout Cart by Island

If you can’t install cabinetry on your island, consider having a pull out cart designed to go with your island. 

Now you can increase the size of your island when the time calls for it, giving you more storage and prep spaces when you need it most.

Kitchen Organization Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

7. Drawer Around the Kitchen Sink

Just when you thought you didn’t have any more room to put in another drawer and storage accessory.

You can custom design a drawer that fits around your kitchen sink.  No more storing cleaning supplies under the sink, keep them out of sight, neatly organized and super accessible.


8. Expandable Pet Food Containers

For your pet lovers out there, we’ve got storage saavy ideas for you too!

This might take some preplanning on the part  of your kitchen designer, or require installing a new cabinetry system into your kitchen but it’s a great idea.  Now you can store your pets food in a cabinet, and keep their dishes out of the way when they aren’t in use.

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What's your biggest small kitchen saavy storage tip?

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