8 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

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Spring is in the air. If you are creating your spring cleaning checklist, why not start with one of the smaller rooms in the house – the bathroom.

There are so many great ways to update your bathroom, many can be done in a few hours, and some are even DIY friendly.  From the Kohler TVID Medicine cabinet, to new hardware and hardwood flooring, we’ll give you some great ideas to update your bathroom, and enjoy it long after Spring has passed.

In reality, step one in planning a bathroom remodel is naturally the daydream phase.  But then comes step two when you take those visions of spa shower heads, heated towel racks and a mosaic backsplash and apply to the architectural footprint, existing plumbing and all the behind the scenes – literally – that you have to work with. Once you understand that, then you can begin to evaluate the changes you can make.   Here are some ideas to get you started.

New Color

It is no surprise that updating your bathroom with a new color, or colors, is the first way to change up your bathroom design. This Seattle bathroom uses color in a fun way by incorporating white and blue as the primary backdrop, even over the narrow wood paneling, then mixing in orange hues in the shelves and mirror.

But your walls aren’t the only element you can use to add color. Consider new window fashion, shower curtains, linens, or a new piece of furniture…or as the case may be with this Portland home, an old piece of furniture, upcycled into a new vanity.

You can even add some color to around the tub, or on the walls to spice up your room.

New Lighting Fixtures

As with most thing related to interior design, there are a number of great ways to update your lighting fixtures. Assuming recessed lighting is not an option, look for lighting fixtures to hang above or adjacent to your vanity or as a chandelier from your ceiling. Lighting fixtures can be rustic, formal, or eclectic, it all depends on your personal style. This bathroom has a midcentury modern feel with the sleek cabinets, and curved lighting fixtures above the vanity.

This penthouse features a decorative “Bubble” chandelier that adds a playful touch to the room.

This Vancouver bathroom has a very industrial feel with rustic wall paneling, industrial light fixtures.

Tile Backsplash

If you are tire of the same old, simple wall, and painting it a new color, just won’t do the trick, why not consider adding a tile backsplash. This is a great way to add color, design and personality to your room and you can add a little or a lot. Install a wall of tile behind an open tub.

Select a tile design to install behind your vanity or faucet.

Or pick a simple design, as a border, above your countertops.

New Faucets & Fixtures

It seems like there are so many new styles of bathroom faucets to choose from today. The one you select for your bathroom is all going to depend on the style of your room. Brushed nickel remains a popular finish for bathroom fixtures. This faucet may remind you more of a waterfall than a faucet, hence its appeal. It would like perfect in a modern bathroom.

You can also create a timeless midcentury modern look with the right fixtures.

Of course, if you prefer a more rustic or industrial look then you have options for that too.

If you really want to alter the design of your bathroom then also consider new styles of showerheads like the Rain Shower Head. It requires a little more preplanning and you may need to hire a plumber to reconfigure your shower, but the look is certainly appealing, especially for a modern bathroom décor.

If you want to maintain the existing shower plan then just swap our your faucets for the new look you desire. Although there are many materials you can use for the faucets and fixtures, chrome seems to never go out of style, it is easy to clean, and look great in a variety of spaces. Check out Kohler.com to understand the latest trends in bathroom fashion and get inspiration.

New Bathroom sinks aren’t what they used to be. Square or circular you have a number of great designs to choose from, again depending on the style bathroom you are creating. This Los Angeles bathroom features a unique, minimalist design with a custom one-piece marble sink that slants inward so water naturally rolls to the center.

If you have a big family, or just like a farmhouse look, then stick with a traditional oversized farmhouse sink. This one fits in perfectly with the old antique beam in which it sits.

Even non-traditional objects are becoming sinks. Petrified wood, glass, mosaic tile, glass are just a few of the materials used to make today’s bathroom sinks. This Santa Barbara home used an old metal bucket as a sink, proving that anything goes.

And sinks are sitting in the countertops like they used to. A big trend in bathroom design has been to set the sinks on top of the counter.


When people think of wood and bathrooms, the first thought that comes to mind are wood cabinets. But there are a variety of ways that you can incorporate wood in your bathroom décor. Teak is an excellent wood to use in a bathroom, because it is so resistant to moisture. Why not consider a teak bath mat next to your tub.

Teak is so impervious to water you can even install it inside your shower.

You can also use wood on your walls as paneling. Go with beadboard paneling, like this New York Farmhouse, if you like a more traditional look.

Or you can even use rustic antique flooring if you want something a bit more primitive.

If you are looking to install new wood flooring then engineered wood floors and prefinished hardwood floors are a great choice for the bathroom. And the great news is you can find a wood floor for almost any style bathroom you want to create.


Kitchen appliances aren’t the only gadgets getting an upgrade in the home – even bathroom appliances are evolving. Take the Bluetooth shower head which allows out to jam out to your favorite music while you shower.

Other inventions for the modern bathroom include something as simple as a towel warmer basket to the Kohler TV Medicine cabinet…when you just can’t get enough of your favorite show, or to catch up on the news with the morning shave.

Kohler TVID Medicine Cabinet on Carlisle WIde Plank Floors Blog

New Hardware

One of the last, but certainly not least element to consider to upgrade your bathroom is hardware for your drawers and cabinets. This is a project that can easily be done in a weekend, often as a DIY project. Adding hardware to your existing cabinetry is a great way to give your cabinets a new look, without having to invest in brand new cabinets – you can go all out and stain/paint your cabinets if you really want to change this up. Bathroom hardware is also a great way to add a little bling to cabinets that need a little life or if you want your room to have a little more of a luxurious feel.

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