8 Ways to Personalize your New Bathroom Design

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8 Ways to Personalize your New Bathroom Design

Remodeling trends confirm that homeowners are choosing to remodel their existing homes when change is needed, versus moving to a new home.

As more homeowners choose to stay in their home, they are also more concerned with improving the look and feel of a space, nearly 30% more than improving the functionality of the space.  So it is no surprise that bathrooms top the list as the #1 room that homeowners will remodel in the next 2 years, according to Houzz.com.

If you are one of these homeowners, we’ve picked up some on trend bathroom remodeling tips to help you with planning, so you can personalize, plan and create the ultimate bathroom design.

Step 1: Choose your Style

Choosing what style bathroom you want is the single most important step to initiating your project.

For some, you might continue the same design as you have in the rest of your home.  For others, you may create an entirely new décor for your new space.  Just of few of the most popular bathroom designs today include:

Rustic Retreat

Rustic never seems to get old.  From industrial lofts to mountain getaways, you’ll find rustic sentiments in barnwood reclaimed flooring on the walls, wrought iron fixtures, towel rings and lighting, and soapstone sinks.  Add to that some saloon doors to the privy and you’ve got the perfect rustic bathroom retreat.

rustic bathroom

Modern Marvel

A white and grey color scheme continue to top the popularity ranking interior décor, according to Building Design & Construction Network.  Add to that modern lighting, free standing pedestal sinks, and chrome details for a perfect modern bathroom.

modern bathroom with stone

French Country Frills

French Country design is formal, intimate and feminine.  Nothing says feminine like an intricate flower designs on the wallpaper.  Traditional white backdrop is adorned by hints of blue. A decorative chandelier hangs from the barrel vaulted ceiling which proves just how much detail and craftsmanship went into this French country bathroom design.

traditionall bathroom

Finding the right products for any style bathroom design has never been easier.  With sites like Houzz.com you can locate other project photos, and in many cases find the original source for the products that were used!

The style you choose will help you pick your faucets, lighting fixtures, cabinetry design and more.

Step 2: Space Planning

Proper space planning is the next most important step to a good bathroom design.

  • You need to determine who and how the space will be utilized.
  • Will it remain an en suite for parents only?
  • Will it need to entertain bath time for toddlers?
  • How many people may use the bathroom at one time?
  • Do you need a water closet?
  • What kind of storage do you need in the bathroom?
  • Is the bathroom just for showering/cleaning or hair and make-up prep as well?

By understanding what tasks you need to carry out, you can best plan for the appliances, cabinetry, organization and layout of your room.   You can put together a small scale space plan on your own.  If you are working with a builder or cabinet company they may be able to do this for free, or a nominal charge, as part of the design process.  Interior designers and decorators can also help you with this.  Check out the NKBA Industry Directory if you need to contact someone in your local area.

Step 3: Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can be a large or small architectural detail in your new bathroom.

One of the first decisions you need to make is the style of your cabinets.  For industrial and modern designs, bathroom cabinetry may take a very minimalistic form with a simple shelf or cabinet, just large enough to place your sink.

modern bathroom

For a farmhouse style you may use a salvaged piece of furniture, repurposed as a pedestal sink, or bathroom cabinet.

farmhouse bathroom

Or you may opt for a more traditional bathroom design where your cabinetry will be a much bigger part of the aesthetic, covering entire walls and giving you plenty of counter and storage space.

contemporary bathroom

Understanding both your style, and your space plan will help you determine how minimal or advanced your cabinet layout needs to be to suit your lifestyle. Minimal cabinetry may look nice, but if it won’t house all your necessities, or if it creates chaos in your bathroom, the modern minimalistic look will soon be overwhelmed with disorganization.

Step 4: Shower Options

Traditional tub/shower units have been slowly phased out of most residential design today.   Instead, consumers are opting for more sophisticated and stylish designs.

Here are a few options:

Open Walk In Shower

Walk In Shower With Hardwood Floors In Background

Source: Freshome

Zero Threshold/Frameless Shower



wide plank flooring in bathroom

Source: Freshome

Some may choose to forego the shower completely and opt for a free standing tub – copper or porcelain are very popular depending on the design you are trying to achieve.

Source: Freshome

Step 5: Sink Selection, Design and Fixtures

There are countless designs for your bathroom sink, again, it all depends on the style you are going for.

First, you need to decide if the sink will be a free standing pedestal sink, built into a cabinet or perhaps resting atop a table in the form of an old bucket, bowl or otherwise.

Then you can decide what your sink will rest on if its setting atop a cabinet.  Granite and quartz appear to the be the most popular for 2014 according to the Building Design and Construction Network.  But, if you are going for a more rustic look don’t be surprised to see original antique flooring being used to build cabinetry and countertops.

Sink fixtures are a fun accent detail to add to your bathroom, and when you make a selection focus on the finish before the style.  Chrome is still the most traditional and versatile working in every style from modern to scandanavian according to HGTV.  But other finishes like copper, wrought iron and brass are gaining popularity as homeowner strive to break out of the norm, show a little “bling”, and remodel their space to improve the overall look and feel.

Step 6: Lighting

Like the rest of your home, lighting is both necessary for the function and overall aesthetics of the space. The space plan you put together for your bathroom will help you determine where you can place or install lighting.

There are many ways to create or enhance lighting in a bathroom.  LED lighting has long been popular in the kitchen for task lighting, and now it has made its way into the bathroom, for the same purpose.   You can also add accent lighting adjacent to your vanity mirrors, or shower, or add skylights above the privy.  Large scale and/or ornamental lighting also fits in well, with the right design.

You can install lighting around your vanity mirrors to make the space seem larger and give your bathroom an elegant feel.

Nieto Design Glamorous Bathroom on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Source: Freshome


Step 7: Flooring

You will need to select floor covering as part of your bathroom remodel.  The only option for a bathroom is hard surface, absolutely no carpet in high moisture environments.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to limit yourself to tile, you have a plethora of hard surface flooring to choose from.  Wood flooring, especially dark wood flooring in richer tones, is popular for 2014, according to Freshome.

Other options include tile made from marble, granite or porcelain.  According to NKBA metallic sheens on tiles are becoming more popular, as are mosaics and brick patterns.  Bathroom floor designs are also mixing up materials with tiles and glass or tile and wood.

It is just one more way that consumers are personalizing their spaces for the ultimate aesthetic.

Step 8: Radiant Heat

Even though it is summer, and heat is the last thing on your mind, if you are remodeling your bathroom you should be considering radiant heat.

Radiant heat, like Warmboard, is a system that is installed underneath your hard surface flooring.  And when properly designed, you can warm not only the flooring, but also your towel and drying racks for the ultimate comfort.

Did you remodel a bathroom recently, how did you personalize it for yourself and your design?

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