A Heating Idea You’ll Warm Up To — Radiant Heat and Wide Plank Floors

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Imagine no clanking radiators that blow dust and allergens around your home, and clutter up your design aesthetic.

It is possible with radiant heat, and once you’ve experienced it, you won’t want to settle for anything else. If you are considering radiant heat, check out these important design considerations to help you understand why it can be a great system, for your project. Plus, understand why Carlisle wide plank floors perform on radiant heat, where other flooring systems do not. So you can combine the luxury, clean design, value, and efficiency of wide plank flooring with radiant heat.

Quiet, Dustless and Efficient: The Ultimate Heat

Imagine no clanking radiators or blowing dust and allergens. Using either water-filled tubes or electric coils, a radiant heating system conducts heat up through the floor to create a steady, comfortable temperature throughout the room without any hot and cold extremes. Once you’ve experienced it, you won’t want to settle for anything else. Learn more about the basics of radiant heat here.

Nobody Covers Radiant Heat Like Carlisle

The inherent stability of our wide plank floors has been proven time and again in numerous radiant heat installations. By choosing the best trees and wood with the densest grain pattern for strength and slow-drying to minimize moisture content, our wide planks provide a beautiful and solid floor that’s perfect for use with radiant heat. Learn more here.

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Do you have questions about how and why our wide plank flooring works so well with radiant heat? Learn more about the basics of radiant heat here.
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