Apps for the Interior Designer in All of Us

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Interior design is something we all dabble in. It can be a question of what color to paint a room, whether or not a couch will fit into a desired space or if your color scheme is clashing. In the digital age, however, there are more sophisticated ways we can get interior design tips, inspiration and advice with a simple tap on a screen. Consider investing in a tablet with a large screen and long battery life to run these four interior design apps:


This app allows you to photograph your own space, create 3D models and play around with the layout of a room. You can experiment with lighting, furniture and wall decor to see what will fit into your home. There is a live gallery stream for you to see what other people are up to, and you can “heart” other designs and share them with others. Additionally, you can browse the portfolios of professional designers in your area, connect with them and ask questions about design projects.


This app allows you to get inspired and take action on your design ideas. Begin by browsing professional designs, creating your ideabook and deciding which projects you would like to tackle in your home. Then, use the app to connect with local contractors, architects and interior designers to help you get the job done. Plus, you can even browse interior design products like solid wood floors and engineered hardwood flooring in a variety of styles; sofa's, lamps, linens and other interior design essentials.  You can even buy products through the app, which saves you a trip to the store.

Room Painting Ideas

If you can’t decide what to do with your walls, this is the app you want. There are pictures of every type of wall design you could imagine. Polka dots, stripes, ombre, gradient and special effects are all painting styles on the app. It also shows examples of every room including kitchens, living rooms, kids' bedrooms, adult bedrooms and dining rooms. This is a great place to gather inspiration and discover new ways to use color in your home.

Design Dimensions

This app is a must have for home renovations and DIY projects. It is a database of common products and design endeavours at your fingertips. You can find measurements for plumbing, electronics, appliances and much more. This app is incredibly handy if you are trying to purchase new appliances and need to ensure that the items you want will fit into the space you have.


This app is incredibly cool. The Color Match feature allows you to upload a photo and receive the matching paint color. Designed by BEHR, all of the paints in the app are available wherever BEHR paints are sold, so you can take a room from screen to real life. Moreover, you can calculate the cost of a room so you can stay within your budget.

Decorating your home is easy with the technology available today. There are apps you can use to find inspiration, get answers from design experts and accurately plan out a room in your home. You even can use them to show your interior designer some of your thoughts. It is all up to you and your vision.

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