What’s Your Style – Are you a “Mixer” or a “Matcher”?

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What’s Your Style – Are you a “Mixer” or a “Matcher”?

When it comes to creating a custom interior design, the world, as they say, “is your oyster”.  There are countless design styles.

Some people prefer a more monochromatic stylistic approach – the “matcher”.

Ash Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

While others go a little more wild with a lot of variation in  the decor and accessories – the “mixer”.

Cherry Wood Floors and Maple Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors














But which one are you? Check out these four amazing interiors to help you figure it out and find a style that’s right for your home!

The Mixer

If you are a “mixer” you probably love stripes with polka dots, and vintage antique furniture with modern kitchen appliances.  There are countless ways to style your rooms to include just the right colors, furniture, textiles and accent pieces.


If you love to vary your interior design with many colors, shapes, styles and fabrics you will love this home in Design New England.

Every room has its own personality – on purpose says Interior Designer, Steven Favreau who doesn’t “want a room that you’ve seen 500 times”.  From the vibrant pink, black and white colors that greet you in the entry hall, to the striping detail on the dining room chairs, and the colorful custom fabric on the couches, you’ll love all the vibrant colors.  But each room also brings forth a feeling of nostalgia with vintage portraits, and grandfather clocks, fireplaces, and primitive furniture.

Interior Design Ideas from Design New England on Carlisle Wide plank Floors Blog

And heart pine flooring is a great touch throughout, and an authentic choice for this vintage home.


When you walk into some houses you feel right at home – just slip off your shoes and get comfortable.  In this Arizona home you might be a little more intimidated, but it is hard not to feel in awe of the wild interior design style.

Some areas of the rooms feature a victorian era style in the furniture, drapery and other decor, while others components are very modern.  Patterns and colors create a visually arresting backdrop, even on the wood floors which a combination of three different styles!  Yes, the homeowner in this case chose walnut, cherry wood floors and maple hardwood flooring and installed it in a random pattern.

The visual appeal of this home is made even more tantalizing with the artwork, pottery and sculptures which have you thinking of every corner of the globe, from South American tribes to egyptian clay pottery.

Cherry Wood floor and MAple Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


The Matcher

If you are a “matcher” you probably like an interior with a monochromatic color scheme.  According to the site Decoist, it is easy to pull off a monochromatic design if you remember that you can use different shades and tints of your intended color to create a clean interior. You can also infuse the space with subtle infusions of colors whether it be the form of a artwork on the wall or cabinetry, accent table or lighting.


If you love a clean, modern, consistent interior this McLean,va flat home designed by FORMA Interiors is sure to please.

The white walls, ceilings, built in cabinetry and accent lighting create the inital clean backdrop, with very little variation.  But the space is infused with just a tease of color with the grey accent walls, colorful furniture, and wall decal and decorative pottery.  But the furniture, decor and color choices match flawlessy for an enthralling interior.  Even the Rift & Quartersawn White oak wood flooring is finished with a light stain to match the dominants white tones of the home.

Oak Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors



Creating an interior with matching design features doesn’t mean you always have to create a modern interior.

Take, for example, this home from Lyman Perry Architects.  This craftsman style ocean-front home maintains a clean interior with the primary white backdrop along the walls and kitchen cabinets.  The stainless steel appliances add a modern touch but the home itself has a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Heart Pine Flooring from Carlisle Wide plank Floors  So what are you? What style do you like best?

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