Are you ready for the 2013 Design Trends?

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Are you ready for the 2013 Design Trends?

Every year brings new interior design ideas; paint colors from Benjamin Moore, furniture trends from Restoration Hardware, insight from Interior Designers and Fashion Designers.   Here’s 3 things to keep your eye on in 2013.

1. Color is Back

It doesn’t matter that no one can agree on the color of the year – Emerald Green, Yellow Pastel, Tangerine or Burgundy – the only thing that matter is that color is back!

But when it comes to color we don’t want a hostile takeover but slow infusion to your space.  Do you have a light, monochromatic palette already?  Are starting from scratch?  Start out with a neutral palette.   It is easy to infuse color wherever and whenever you want without a huge interior re-design expense.  If you went with bold color before you might have a bigger task on your hand to re-design or you may already be ahead of the curve!

Accent pillows, lighting accessories, artwork, picture frames, throw rugs,  new curtains or drapes are easy to replace and can be tailored to the colors you love even if your taste change every year.

2. Brass, Shine and Polish

For years now clients have transitioned to low luster finishes for floors, walls and lighting.  Just as color will inspire us in 2013 so will clients trend back to adding more life, luster and shine to their homes.

You’ll see this in a variety of places:








Cabinets Hardware







Vanity Fixtures & Sinks



3. Patterns & Graphics

Although the people at Huffington Post are sick of seeing the Chevron pattern there are plenty of others to choose from.   And in 2013 industry experts expect patterns of all shapes, sizes, and prints to grace homes around the world.

People are going to seek out elegant fabrics with new designs, or patterns for your furniture, curtains, and drapes.  From contemporary flowers, animal prints, stripes to computer generated photorealistic fabrics that we have been seeing in fashion already.

What do you see as the color of the year?  What are your clients asking for? Share your feedback, your stories and your projects!


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Color is Back Photo 1

Color is Back Photo 1

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