Beach Style Decor You Can Enjoy All Year Long

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If you’ve been traveling to your favorite waterfront destination this summer you might have fallen in love with the relaxed style, iconic accents, or quintessential design. Returning home doesn’t mean you have to let go of the design you like, rather look at it as an opportunity to redecorate and bring a little bit of your vacation haven to your year-round home.

Beach Style Accents

There are many aspects of your favorite beach that might fit in perfectly at your home. Sand, seashells, sea glass can come together to create decorative accents like vases, candles holders, holiday place settings, custom lighting (like this chandelier from Marjorie Stafford Design) and table decoration.

Examples of Beach decor


There are so many iconic images that can come from your favorite waterfront retreat. Nautical prints, seaside paintings, seagulls, palm trees…the list is almost endless, and it all depends on what kind of “waterfront” you prefer. Do you want to recreate swaying palm trees of a Southern California bungalow, or the quiet dock off a lakeside cabin. There is an abundance of nautically inspired phrases and inspirational quotes that could adorn your walls. We found a Beach sign (pictured above) on Etsy, as well as inspiration on Pinterest.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Antique Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank FloorsNautical maps are also an excellent way to embody the ocean or water in your home. Immortalize your favorite body of water with a work of art from The Grommet or incorporate an antique, vintage map as a wall accent or wallpaper, you can even transpose these onto fabric for bedding, pillows, napkins and other linens and textiles.

Give your Room an Injection of Color

One of the best ways to transform a room is with the color scheme. This Hawaiian bungalow, just minutes from the ocean, uses rich, vibrant colors to create a nautical theme.

Even if you live in a Manhattan Penthouse you can recreate this look in your own home with the right custom linens. You’ll find dozens of fabric styles and colors from

Interior Designers are a great resource when it comes to designing the right custom fabrics and linens. Find one today at


“Driftwood” is synonymous with a waterfront. It is meant to describe a style and a look. It is also a real thing, that you can pick up at almost any waterfront location.

When it comes to style and look, driftwood reflects a weathered piece of wood that has been soaked in water and left to age over time developing a nuance of gray, brown, and tan colors. You can collect it on your next visit to the ocean, or you can purchase it online.

Crate & Barrel Driftwood Coffee Table on Carlisle Blog

These sculptures of the natural world could become a centerpiece for the main entrance or to decorate your coffee table.

Like your sand and seashells, you can also use driftwood to build custom furniture like coffee tables, dining room tables, accent tables, candle holders. Just check out this custom furniture piece from Crate & Barrel.

 – – – – Whatever you love about your favorite waterfront getaway, don’t feel like you have to leave it all behind.

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