Blogger highlights our eco-friendly Reclaimed flooring

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We love it when people spread the word about Carlisle floors through their blogs. A June 14 post in the Cabinets & Furniture Trends & Information blog takes an admiring look at our Antique Reclaimed wide plank floors.

Lumber from buildings slated for demolition is increasingly being salvaged and repurposed, the blogger writes. “One of the companies that is leading the charge in this regard is Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Their reclaimed wood flooring has achieved full FSC certifications for the chain of custody, meaning each board has been in its care from old building demolition to new customer purchase. They even provide a commemorative personalized portfolio that sets forth the history of the wood, which just has to be the ultimate conversation piece when you’re showing off your new floor!”

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Click here to read more about our commitment to the environment and the community.

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