Boho Interior Décor for an Eclectic Home

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If you are in the process of decorating your home you may be struggling with the exact home décor style that fits your needs, and personality and preferences. Do you like to mix colors and textures? Do you like your home décor to be a little more freeform? Would you die for a canopy bed? These all might point to signs that your home décor style is a little more unconventional, and a lot more eclectic. Embrace the Boho lifestyle to create a comfortable home with fabulous décor.

Free Flowing Curtains

Lines aren’t straight and perfect in a Boho décor so let your curtains puddle on the floor, or tie them back with contrasting fabrics. Make sure you use different colors, patterns, and prints to give your room a lot of color, and create an inviting backdrop. You can use curtains in the traditional sense for your window fashion. But you can also use them as room dividers, or to create a luxurious canopy bed.


Do you have a favorite quote, or vintage signs from an antique shop? Don’t let them rust away…add them to your home décor as a wall accent.

Unconventional Seating

When it comes to a Boho Home Décor it is all about comfort. Don’t settle for a traditional sofa and armchair, combine your seating arrangement to make it ultra cozy. Roche Bobois  is one your best sources for this style furniture.

And in the Boho living room, pillows aren’t just for decoration, but for comfortable seating.

Embracing Different Cultures

Your Boho styled home can find inspiration in the plethora of cultures around the world. Add some African inspired tribal masks.

Give your Boho style a little Zen with a Buddhist statue.

Add some Mediterranean inspired tiles to your risers to add color and character to your stairway.

Or hang up an Indian Tapestry as a wall décor.

Bold Colors, Prints & Textures

The Boho Décor can tantalize all the senses. If you followed the tips above you may have already started to incorporate some dynamic designs to your room through your accent pieces. Furry pillows, vibrant striped throws, wrought iron bed frames, brick walls, or natural wood floors. Looks for ways to mix and match. Accent Pillows are a fun way to add prints, colors, and designs to a room, even those with a simple, neutral backdrop.

This headboard ads colors and geometric patterns to invigorate the space.

Bed Cover

Give your room color with a combination of hues that take your breath away.

You can also throw in some candles, antiques, artwork, prints, and other novelties that add personality to your room.
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