Bring the Natural Environment Indoors

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Bring the Natural Environment Indoors

When thinking about interior design one often thinks about designing within the confines of a home – within the surface of the interior walls.  Today, let’s open our minds and think about extending interior design by incorporating elements that are beyond the confines of the dry wall.  In fact, let’s blur the lines between the two realms.

It’s exciting and interesting to incorporate natural elements in the home’s design that allows spaces to be created that change with the seasons and can evoke the senses.  Natural elements tend to be relaxing, calming, grounding, nurturing influences.  There is something about nature that is innate within our being.   If you consider your home your refuge then these are exactly the qualities that you want to capture. 

Peer Outside the Walls and Let the Sun Shine In.

To blur the lines between the outside and inside worlds we need to be able to connect with both; so, open up the walls with glass so we can see the natural world outside.  In this photo a large window was strategically placed between the kitchen area and dining area.  This window allows us to gaze upon lush woodlands.  The view almost looks like art.  Picture how this scene will look with the vibrant colors of fall followed by the black and white contrast of winter and how viewing wildlife could add interest.  It creates an ever changing landscape that we can enjoy from the inside.  Also, notice more subtle elements like how Superior Woodcraft’s contemporary cherry cabinetry complements the exterior decking and woodlands. 


Incorporate Natural Elements on the Inside

Now that you created visual pathways to the outside world and allowed natural light to filter inside its time to bring natural materials inside.  Wide plank wood floors, rustic woods, woods with distinctive grain patterns, natural free flowing lines, stone work and live plants can be used in the interior space to complement the outdoor views.  Even art work depicting nature can enhance the experience.

This Superior Woodcraft rosewood kitchen with stone work and a wooden table with live edges create a warm, natural and inviting feeling.  The soft lines of the live edge table juxtaposed the linear lines of the cabinetry and stone work, which softens their rigidness.  The stainless steel reflects light and provides contrast to the dark colors of the rosewood cabinetry.  The wood grains and stone work provides textures and creates a tactile experience.  Now imagine this space being filled with the aromas of home cooking and the chatter of family.   Now you realize that this space is engaging all of our senses.  This kitchen is the core of the home and has a strong relationship to nature. 

Take a guided tour of this kitchen to see how the lines between the exterior and interior were blurred to create a wonderful engaging interior environment.   Notice how all of the elements that we discussed complement each other and how the interior was extended beyond the boundaries of the interior walls.


So, next time you’re working on a design project think about designing beyond the interior walls and incorporate the outside world within your interior designs.
This article was contributed by Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft.

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