Carlisle Client Partners – helping keep your project on schedule!

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After the Specialists have helped our customers design and order their floors, who is going to help you make sure the floor is delivered on time, coordinate delivery with your builder, and make sure everything shows up that you ordered?

Client Partners handle the coordination and logistics of the hardwood flooring, pine flooring, and reclaimed fwood looring that we ship all over the world.  From the smallest kitchen remodel in Massachusetts to the luxury boutique hotel in China, Client Partners take the worry and the work out of your wood flooring order. They will:

1. Speak directly with you, your installer and/or builder to coordinate the delivery of your floor

2. Outline shipping solutions that meet your delivery needs

3. Help you coordinate final payments

4. Coordinate the delivery of your floor when you need it to keep your project on schedule

5. Make sure we receive control pieces for Pre-Finished floors so your floor ships on time

6. Make sure all the flooring, stair components and finish accessories arrive that you ordered

Joanne and Kristi, a New York Design Team, were thrilled with the service they got from their client partner Amanda Bemis so we had to share it here!


Hi Amanda,

I second Kristi’s assessment of the whole process and everyone involved from day one to the final delivery day.  You all provide top notch service, have excellent communication skills, and simply have a well-polished team and business process.  If only every business transaction could happen this way.  I was also duly impressed when John informed us that someone is available by pager over the weekend for installation questions.  What more could anyone ask for?

Thank you again!  The flooring will add a much needed improvement to the house and will be enjoyed by the entire Morrow family for as long it serves as their new Vermont home.
Happy and healthy Spring to all!

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for the follow up. John was great and everything went just fine – the floors are just gorgeous and we are very excited to see them installed and finished … yay! Thanks so much for everything.

Happy Easter to you as well. Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine.

Kristi M

If you want your project to go smoothly give us a call at 800-595-9663 and after your Wide Plank Specialist helps you design a floor let your Client Partner help you coordinate all the order and delivery details and keep your project on schedule!

At Carlisle we take care of you before you place your order, and the customer service continues until your floor is complete – even years later when you are ready to touch up the floors we will be here to help you make your prefinished hardwood floors, reclaimed wood floors or pine flooring beautiful again!

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