Carlisle Cherry Floors Make a Splash on the Jersey Shore

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Carlisle Cherry Floors Make a Splash on the Jersey Shore

Wide Plank Specialist Glen Ranagan worked with Brian Troast to design floors for his home.  He chose Wide Plank Cherry Floors in 5” to 10” Random Widths.  The floor was crafted from the middle section of the log to create our Original Grade Cherry, giving the floor its occasional color variation and knots for a very natural look.  Notice how each board has such a rich color because it is sawn from the very center of the tree where the heartwood is. 

For added convenience and stability Brian chose to have Carlisle pre-finish the floors in advance with our unique Custom Coat Finishing System.  The color you see is all natural with our Amber Satin finish – no stain.  This means that the floor is easy to maintain, in fact Brian can touch it up without any sanding.  And each board is sealed on the top, bottom and tongue and groove. 

Carlisle was a great fit for this project because Carlisle’s Cherry produces a higher quality floor that is much harder than typical Cherry, and much more stable in a moisture-rich environment – both great benefits for a beach-front home that contends with traffic, sand, and alot of change in temperature.  Learn more about why Carlisle works in these areas when other floors do not.

Troast Cherry 1

Troast Cherry 2

Troast Cherry 3

Troast Cherry 4

Troast Cherry 5

Troast Cherry 7

Thanks to our customers for sharing and enjoy your new home and your new floors!

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