Carlisle Preferred Installers to the Rescue ~ Maryland

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The Love Family

The Love Family in Maryland were thrilled about the new Wide Plank Eastern White Pine floors they had chosen for their new home.  After months of consultation with Carilsle Wide Plank Floors they had settled on the perfect floor.  They knew the color and finish they wanted and the final look they would get when it was complete.  The homeowner decided to have their builder install and finish the floors, but when the installation was complete they realized the level of craftsmanship was less than satisfactory – they used the wrong glue, the carpentry was imperfect, among other things.  Rather than delay the project they moved forward with a finish team to complete the floor.  The finish team was unable to achieve the look that the homeowner wanted and as the customer points out they went from “deeply dissapointed” to “exceeded expectations”. 



I wanted to follow up with you on the status of our Carlisle wide-plank floor.  You'll recall that a couple of weeks ago I was extremely frustrated with the direction we were heading.  The installation carpentry, while imperfect, was acceptable.  The finish work was not.  The glue used by the installers was incorrectly applied, and it left bleached-out stains all over our floor (see attached “before” photos). 

After installing the floor, my general contractor brought in a finishing team but, despite their best efforts, they couldn't fix the “bleach stains” and other problems.  So when I spoke with you in early March I was afraid this might be a problem that couldn't be solved.  My wife Laurel and I have been thinking about getting a Carlisle floor for some time, and it's the centerpiece of our renovation.  Needless to say we were deeply disappointed with how things were turning out.

So when you recommended Bob Humphreys of Majestic Wood Floors and said “Don't worry, he will make your floor beautiful,” we had pretty high expectations.  Well, Bob and his team have completed the project, and I'm happy to report that Majestic has exceeded our expectations.  The attached photos tell a better story than I could, but allow me to share a few thoughts about my experience with Majestic:

• Bob and Traci were prompt in providing an estimate and scheduling, as well as being responsive to both phone and email.
• During Bob's initial visit he thoroughly assessed the problem and was clear in explaining options to address it, including less costly alternatives.
• The Majestic team on site (Gene, Ricky and Will, in addition to Bob) were professional, responsive and friendly during the week-plus they worked in our home.
• Bob coordinated with my GC to ensure overall job scheduling stayed on track, and advised him on how to best protect the floor during subsequent construction.
• The team was flexible in problem solving, trying several approaches until they determined an optimal solution.
Most importantly, Majestic created a beautiful floor for us.  In short, Bob and his team pulled an at-risk project out of a tailspin and produced an outstanding outcome.  Laurel and I are more than pleased, and I hope both Carlisle and Majestic will keep us in mind in the future as an enthusiastic reference.

Finally, Adam, I want to thank you for your support throughout this ordeal.  From the time Laurel and I first came to visit your Georgetown showroom back in November to discuss our vision for a wide-plank pine floor, through to completion of this project, you have been patient, helpful and a great advocate for your product.

You'll find before and after photos attached, though the later don't do reality justice.

With warm regards,

INSTALLER: Bob Humphries, Majestic Wood Floors, 301-694-9992,

Looking for an Installer for your next project, Bob and his team will travel all over Maryland, Deleware, Washington, DC and many parts of Northern Virginia.  Contact them at 301-694-9992 or email Bob directly at



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