Carlisle Preferred Installers to the Rescue ~ New Foundland, Canada

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The Fehr Family

The Fehr Family in New Foundland worked with Wide Plank Specialists Scott Ogden to design a beautiful Wide Plank White Maple Floors for their new waterfront condo.  It was to be the centerpiece of the project crafted in wide widths and graded to create a nice formal look.  But when the installation was complete the homeowners were less than thrilled due to an inferior installation by the installers.  The floor was meant to be installed on concrete, but the moisture content of the concrete was never checked by the installer – install to concrete step 1!  Although the customer thought the entire floor was destroyed and would need recplacing the Fehr's turned to Carlisle for help and we were able to provide a solution that didn't involve replacing the floor.

Although we didn't have an installer directly in New Foundland we do work with installers who will travel all over North America to work on installation projects.  Carlisle Preferred Installer Vlad Blashinin of Orlando, Florida was contacted and came to the Fehr Family's rescue.  Vlad and his team of craftsman spent nearly two weeks in New Foundland repairing the damage done, from ripping out the old floors and reinstalling the new floors that Carlisle had expedited to help the client stay on schedule.  No cupping, crowned or uneven boards this time, but a true example of craftsmanship and a great installation throughout!  As the customer writes in her email below thanks to Vlad and his team the floor “can now shine like it was meant to do”.


Greetings from snowy NL – a storm passed through this weekend so hopefully the worst has passed…for a few days.

As Vlad has probably told you, our flooring remedial program is well underway. Vlad truly is a craftsman. Thank you so much for your recommendation of him for our project.  After he installed the new floor we assessed the overall state of the previous install. … Thankfully we are getting the result that we hoped for – the cupping has been virtually eliminated and spacing is much better. No more butt ends either! Vlad will be here until Friday am now, but as painful as the process has been I believe that the finished product will be well worth the process. The floor was meant to be a centerpiece of the condo and it will now shine as it was meant to do!

Installer: Vlad Blashinin, Orlando, FLorida, 407-760-9206


Carlisle Preferred Installers are a great team of experienced flooring professionals who have worked with Carlisle and our floors for a number of years.  They deliver excellent customer service and once you design a floor with a Carlisle Specialist they will help see that the floor turns out the way it is meant to.  Contact your Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist to find a Preferred Installer in your area at 800.595.9663.

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