Coastal Living Inspired Interior Design

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Coastal Living Inspired Interior Design

Summer is a great time to hit the beach!

Whether you’re visiting a family home, or renting a home-away-from-home, you’ll probably be inspired by the nautical interiors of coastal living.   And you might want to bring a little something back with you when you return home.  We sought out design tips and projects from the coastal interior experts at Coastal Living magazine and came up with four key components to creating a nautical inspired interior.

1. Colors

When it comes to a nautical inspired interior white and blue are the first choice.

Nautical Interior Design Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors



The writers at Coastal Living magazine point out that “Nothing is more classically coastal than a blue-and-white color palette“.

But light pastels and earth tones are a close second – and they are all inspired by the natural environments of our favorite coastal retreats from the driftwood along the shore to the mossy green seaweed and the bold colorful sky of sunrise and sunset.

Nautical interiors can be designed with a complete shabby-chic approach, with little if any color variation, or you can be bold and create an artful space filled with color!

Starting with a light backdrop in every room is the most popular.  Then you can add color to each room in a variety of ways!   Why not add some pin stripe pillows with contrasting colors.  Then find a matching accent rug.


Furniture can be designed with the desired colors or scheme you want, or you can buy durable linen covers which are available in a variety of styles and offer great protection!

2. Accessories

For the nautical interior there is no shortage of accessories!

Mirrors resting atop the fireplace mantle, beach inspired scenes spread around the home.  Colorful glass vases and vintage thift shop finds.

Make sure you have plenty of vertical space to store it all.

3. Wood Accents & Flooring

Wood is a natural fit for the nautical inspired interior.

Reclaimed wood floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Wood floors are a great floor covering for waterfront homes.  They are easy to clean and care for and may not be as slippery as other floor coverings like tile or porcelain.  Solid wood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring come in a variety of colors, and species so there is no limitation to the look you can create!

Wood countertops, made from dark wood flooring, are very popular in the kitchen.

You can also look at wall paneling made from antique wood flooring or pine flooring.

4. Key Architectural Spaces

When it comes to a beach side retreat there are three key architectural spaces you don’t want to live without!

1. The bunk room

Summer vacations can mean alot of families, and children converging on the same spot!

What a great way to get siblings and cousins together, without the added cost of so many bedrooms – bunk it!

Antique Hardwood Flooring In Seaside Home

You can create tastful and spacious bunk rooms for kids of all sizes.  It will be a perfect haven for rest and relaxation after aquatic adventures.

2. The breakfast nook

If you are like most families a big breakfast during summer vacation might not be what you have in mind!  Save the dining rooms for family dinners and make life simple with a cozy, yet spacious breakfast area.  Everyone can enjoy their cereal, coffee, and other breakfast favorites at their own pace in a casual setting.

3. The cozy corner

Seaside vacations are all about rest and relaxation.

Having seating areas “off the beaten path” can make sure everyone has room when its their time to curl up with a good book, or just watch the ocean roll by.



You can incorporate window seats in your primary rooms, on the porch, or in the quiet corners of the home!  And many times you can hide some much needed storage space there too!

Share your thoughts on nautical interiors, did you have a coastal vacation this summer?  What did you love about where you stayed? Did you bring back some interior design ideas to your own home?
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