Concrete slab calls for Carlisle’s engineered floor option

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We wanted to share these photos with you from a project Carlisle completed in Florida last winter. The customers needed to install a new floor over a concrete slab and so they turned to us and our Engineered Flooring options.  Engineered is a good choice for installing directly on a slab where there is a fear of moisture problems. They are also ideal over radiant heat applications as well as traditional subfloors.

The photos below show the 7-inch wide, heirloom grade Hickory engineered floor installed in Florida last winter. Prefinishing was with Carlisle’s clear matte finish.

Carlisle has not always offered an Engineered floor option. Too often in the industry, engineered can mean a lower quality floor overall. When we decided to offer it, we did so very carefully and deliberately.  We wanted our durable engineered wood floors to have the same kind of lifespan as our usual wood planks.  We wanted to offer them the same variety of woods.  We wanted to do them without harmful chemicals and we wanted them to be incredibly stable. And, finally, we wanted them in the same unheard-of widths and lengths that we offer in our traditionally sawn floors.

The result has been what we hoped for and what customers said they wanted.  Carlisle’s engineered floors are assembled using a formaldehyde-free process. They are 3/4 inches thick, and that thickness includes 11 layers of solid marine-grade birch backing.  This makes the plan highly moisture resistant, plus gives it a solid wood feel when walked on—you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between our traditional and engineered in terms of the “feel” underneath your feet.

Our engineered floors are available in all of our pines and hardwood options: Eastern White Pine, Longleaf Heart Pine, Ash, Birch, Brown Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Red Oak, Walnut, White Maple, White Oak.

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