Consumer Decision: Understanding Your Flooring Investment

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Consumer Decision: Understanding Your Flooring Investment

Owning a home is one of the biggest financial investments a consumer can make.  At Carlisle, we believe the flooring inside the house is a critical aspect to its overall appearance and value.

When deciding on the details of a home, a smart owner determines whether or not the item is an expense or an investment.

Understanding the Value of Pure Quality

Everyone loves to save money, yet floors may not be the best item to cut corners on when building or remodeling. Many consumers have experienced the headache of installing a commodity floor, only to have it warp and scratch, thus having to spend more money on repair or replacement over the years.

A Simple Buying Scenario

You are in the market for 1,000 square feet of wood flooring and after exploring local flooring outlets, you find a mass produced Hickory for $6.00 sq. ft.  The floor is passable, but not the best, so you continue your search.  After extensive online searching, you stumbled upon Carlisle. After calling one of our sales representatives, you were left perplexed as to why Carlisle’s Old Growth Hickory cost is $10.35 sq. ft.

Wide Vs Narrow Hickory FlooringYou take the time to learn the difference between the qualities of the two choices. You know a Carlisle floor delivers the best quality, is more stable in more installation environments, is hand crafted in the USA by Carlisle in the widest widths and longest lengths, for the most beautiful floor.

You are already set on a budget of $6,000, which you would spend on the other floor.   You are left to decide if the difference is worth it.  Are you willing to spend the extra $4,350 to get the floor you really want?  What if the floor would last over 200 years, like a Carlisle floor?

A Carlisle floor, composed of the finest planks available, is an invaluable investment.

The Investment pays off

Since most homeowners, that are building new or remodeling, remain in that home for seven years or more, you could spread that extra cost out over that time. Removing interest, that equates to an extra $621 per year, $51 per month or $1.72 per day in order to have a beautiful custom crafted Carlisle floor in your home. 

Moreover, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can invest in your home and be proud of your flooring decision.

Get a Carlisle Wide Plank Floor for as little as a cup of coffee a day!









Don’t forget that you would recoup most, if not all, of your initial financial outlay when you sell the home down the road. Plus, you get to enjoy the warm addition that the Carlisle floor brings to your home everyday.

It really is this simple. Purchasing a Carlisle floor should be looked at as a solid investment and not a dreaded expense!

Wide is ultimate dimension of style, and Carlisle delivers wide plank floors that are the true measure of Carlisle thanks to our exclusive SlowCraft™ process.

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