Create Resort-Like Style at Home for a Holiday Stay-cation

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In 2012, AAA projected that more than one in four Americans would be embarking on a road trip during the holidays, while air travel was expected to increase by 4.5 percent over the previous year. This year, the airlines have predicted another slight increase in the number of travelers flying over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Despite these figures, many Americans are staying at home over the holidays. If you’re one of them, you may be dreaming of a vacation in a tropical locale, a stay at a luxurious resort or mountain cabin, but it’s just not in the cards this year. Instead of feeling blue, why not consider bringing that resort-like feel into your own home?

You can make your home an oasis of relaxation and tranquility while avoiding the hassle of travel and exorbitant hotel bills.

Setting the theme

A tropical theme can make it feel as if you’re coming home to an exotic retreat every night. Inspired by nature, blending tropical-style furnishings and decor with some of the luxuries of a high-end resort can help create an idyllic at-home escape. While you may not actually live in a tropical paradise or mountain wilderness, you can create the look you want for a thematic staycation that feels like the real thing.

If your idea of a fantasy getaway includes a cozy mountain cabin hideaway, consider incorporating comfortable wood furniture and other natural materials with patchwork quilts — and perhaps an antique pair of snowshoes hung on the wall.  Don't forget to uncover those hardwood floors that might be hiding away under area rugs, they are a great way to add character to any room!

Choosing colors and furniture

For a tropical theme, neutral colors like brown, ivory, khaki and beige work well and can also help to create a spa or resort look. Use these colors for larger pieces of furniture while adding a splash of color in tropical floral-patterned accessories. Rattan and wicker furniture, or items made from sustainably grown tropical hardwoods like bamboo or balsa wood, can help complete the look.

For a rustic cabin feel, consider using a variety of color stains on wood for an authentic touch. Natural materials for furniture as well as walls and floor covering might include leather, wool, timber, stone or wrought iron.

Draperies and window treatments are important for complementing your look, helping to invoke your desired locale. Sheer drapery panels can give a room a true vacation-like feel while adding a luxurious, romantic touch to the bedroom. For inspiration, browse curtains at JCP, keeping in mind that each window should have the same size drape panel for a unison look.

Sheer curtains can add a dream-like quality to any room without dominating decor. Hang sheer curtains around an outdoor living space to add more of a tropical feel.

Adding resort features

No matter what your theme, adding features you might find at a resort will enhance the feeling of coming home to a vacation retreat. You might turn your bathroom into a spa using scents to induce calm and relaxation like lavender, jasmine and rose.

An ocean-scented candle can help bring the beach to you, while floral scents add to a tropical atmosphere. A mountain spring scent provides a nice touch for a ski-lodge feel. Be sure to stock plenty of ultra soft towels, luxurious pillows and a bathrobe or two.

What does your favorite resort offer that might be easily incorporated into your home? Using some of those items will help you to create the ultimate mini-vacation in your very own abode.

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