Creating Rustic Transitional Style with White Oak Floors

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Creating Rustic Transitional Style with White Oak Floors

white oak wood floor in white kitchen


Transitional interior design has become an increasingly popular design style over the last decade as it blends traditional elements such as upholstered chairs, antiques and neutral colors with the cleaner lines and minimalism found in contemporary design.   Add in natural elements such as Carlisle’s White Oak hardwood flooring— graded for knots and character– and you have a Rustic Transitional interior design that is warm and inviting.

This renovated 1960’s ranch was recently featured in Design NJ and is a great example of a transitional design that incorporates a more natural, rustic feel but is balanced with contemporary components.  Using neutral palettes, textures, and natural materials such as wood or stone that have some roughness to them are all great elements that help create that cozy vibe.

Here are some of the most popular ways to create the Rustic Transitional design style in your home.



Neutral Palette – Is Calming and Allows Flexibility in Your Design

This color palette is more traditional with gray, sand and white, as featured on the walls, cabinetry, furniture and accessories.  One benefit of using neutrals, especially on large areas such as walls, is it becomes a backdrop that allows the other aspects of the design to be noticed.  Another benefit is these colors are classic instead of trendy and work well with any design style giving you the flexibility to change whenever the mood strikes.  And keeping the color scheme neutral from ceiling to floor creates a clean and calming atmosphere.

white oak hardwood flooring in kitchen

Include Both Contemporary and Rustic Elements

This kitchen embodies all the charm of a rustic space with its wood truss and beams along with bar stools grounded by slightly rustic wide plank flooring.  The sleek and modern lines of the cabinetry, the luxurious marble on the counter tops, island and wall insets are just a few of the contemporary components in this kitchen.  And don’t be afraid to add some metals to the mix as they did here with the stainless steel and zinc hood.  It brings a touch of the industrial feel to the design.

rustic flooring in hallway

Use Natural Materials

The use of natural materials such as this wide oak hardwood flooring grounds the space and brings an organic component to the design.

These materials are often a focal point in the home and are worth investing in the highest quality materials you can find, as they never go out of style and work well with any design trend.

And keep in mind, that sourcing these materials from companies who work closely with their suppliers to uphold the highest standards of sustainability is a benefit that both you and the environment can enjoy.

And if you need any more reasons, research has shown that natural materials have a positive impact on our well-being.

Go Wider and Longer with Hardwood Flooring

These prefinished White Oak flooring planks are 6-10” random widths with lengths ranging from 2-12 feet and an average length of 6-7 feet which is uncommon in the flooring industry.  Of course, you can go wider and longer.  With Carlisle wide plank floors, depending on the wood species, planks can be available up to 20 inches wide and have average lengths up to 11 feet!

Why does this matter?  Notice how few seams are in this floor and how long the planks are before there is a seam.  It’s simple math –wider and longer planks create fewer seams and joints, which dramatically simplifies the effect and allows the beauty of the wood to stand out.

Add Texture to your Walls, Flooring and Lighting

The upholstered chairs bring a traditional component to the dining room while the wood trestle table and overhead truss add a rustic element.  But what really captures the eye is the use of texture in this space.  The wall with its interesting pattern and deeper brown color adds depth and texture while complementing the other colors in the room.

The textured wood flooring with its brushed surface is an ideal choice if you want a floor with the charm and personality of reclaimed wood but at a fraction of the cost.  The brushing process authentically weathers the planks, creating natural looking reproductions of older, worn flooring.  And you can’t help but notice the two white textured chandeliers that are the perfect complement to create this look.

White oak hardwood flooring in dining room

Add an Element of Surprise

Patterned floors are commonly seen in entry ways, so the change from the plank flooring that was installed throughout the rest of the home to a wide plank herringbone floor in the spacious living room area adds an element of surprise.  You don’t expect to see this pattern in such a large space, but it works.

The 6” x 30” White Oak Herringbone pattern adds interest and elevates the space.  Also, you would expect there to be an area rug under the furniture area.  Instead, the floor is left bare and displays its original characteristics of the wood with mineral streaking, knots and color variation that add to the natural beauty and warmth.  It’s truly a work of art and the centerpiece of this room.

white oak herringbone floor in living room

Bring the Outside In

Now more than ever, we are finding more ways to connect with nature and crave an environment that is calm and peaceful.  This home’s open floor plan, tall ceilings and over sized windows and doors allow lots of natural light and the beauty of nature in.  This creates a deeper connection with your surroundings as you enjoy the views and it may also lift your spirits!  If you are looking for an easy way to bring nature in, just add a few green plants.  They add a nice pop of color to the neutral palette.

Now you are off to a great start in creating your own Rustic Transitional interior.  There are no steadfast rules on how much rustic you add to the mix.  That is completely up to your personal taste and style.  If this is your style, here are some other projects you may be interested in!

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