Creative Ways to Decorate Empty Corners

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Corners…your home has them, many of them, from the family room to the kitchen. It’s easy to accept corners for what they are, the in-between spaces where walls and wood floors end, leaving you with a space you might not really know how to handle.

It’s time to stop ignoring your corners and give them a little more love.

If you incorporate home décor and space planning into your corners you can accomplish many things.

  • Make a room appear larger
  • Scale down a large room
  • Add color to a space
  • Give the room more visual appeal with pops of color or decorative accents
  • Make a space more functional and/or organized Your furniture layout can be created to fill or create corners

We’ll see several examples of this throughout this post.

Modern bedroom and living room design
Left: Contemporary Family Room by Manhattan Beach Architects & Building Designers Lazar Design+Build featuring Carlisle Dark Wood flooring. Right: Modern Bedroom by Other Metro Design-Build Firms, Wokai Design
Tropical Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Lori Gilder
Tropical Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Lori Gilder

Sectional sofas are one of the most popular styles available today. You can use it to fill a corner, like this creative beachfront bungalow from Lazar Design+Build.

You can also position it in a room to create space around it. This is very popular for larger rooms that need some scale, or smaller rooms where you are trying to create an illusion of space. This living room, from Marie Burgos Design, pulls the sofa forward, to create corner space for a decorative plant, and desk area.

You can also position your master bed in the corner of the room. This changes the entire scale, and artistic appeal, of the space.

If you incorporate that kind of layout for your master bedroom, you can see in the following example, how it creates an opportunity to add more elements like lighting or organization accents to the room and take up very little additional space in the process. This keeps the room clean, and uncluttered.

Accent chairs, with their small, compact existence, and unlimited colors and designs, seem to go hand in hand with corners. This corner chair is beautifully styled against the dark wood flooring, thanks to the lighter fabric and color coordinating accent pillows, Artwork, and furniture.

Two examples of chairs tucked into corners
Left: Eclectic Spaces by Irvine Interior Designers & Decorators Blackband Design. Right: Eclectic Bedroom by New York Architects & Building Designers Michael Tavano Design

If you use furniture in your corners, think of it as a chance to add some colors to your room, if it is very monochromatic, or if you want to create some exciting contrast.

You can also use your corners as an opportunity to mix in fun furniture that you don’t see everywhere, like this hanging rattan chair.

Preplan the architecture for your corners and you can make sure you don’t have wasted wall space. This home, designed by Boulder Interior Designers & Decorators Pocci Design Group incorporated storage and a fireplace in the corner of this room and created a quaint gathering space.

This bedroom, as seen on incorporates a corner window, which helps brighten up the space, and add an interesting architectural detail to the room.

Chairs, bookshelves, or windows also work in room corners
Left: Midcentury Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co..Center: Contemporary Family Room featuring Carlisle Hickory flooring. Right: Corner Window Design Ideas on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

You can also customize your corner cabinets to make better use of the space. Your kitchen, forget lazy susans at every corner. This Ireland kitchen uses corner drawers to maximize space, aesthetics, and function.

If you have a solid footprint for your dining room or eat-in kitchen, you can save valuable space, create additional seating, and storage with a corner eating area with built in storage benches. By planning early on for this architectural element, you can incorporate it into the design, and match the upholstery to the rest of the décor, like this San Francisco dining room, from OXBStudio Architects.

Right: Contemporary Dining Room by Mill Valley Architects & Building Designers OXBSTUDIO Architects. Left: Transitional Kitchen by Northern Ireland Kitchen & Bath Designers Glenvale Kitchens

This bathroom cabinet created more utility in, what appears to be, a very small space. This gives the room more value and minimizes that feeling of “wasted space”.

You can do the same thing with a freestanding or corner fireplace, like this home on Martha’s Vineyard, featuring stunning cherry wood floors, brick fireplace, and luxurious home furnishings.

Most importantly, when it comes to corners, don’t be afraid to have a little fun. A colorful surfboard completes the theme of this quiet corner, and gives the room a punch of color.

Lastly, don’t let your corners be boring empty spaces, fill them with your favorite things. Whether it is a comfy chair to sit in, or your favorite photography and artwork.

If you love flowers or plants, why not even consider an indoor corner garden, like this Amsterdam home by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Louise de Miranda. Although it will take some careful planning, and construction, having fresh herbs, or decorative plants in your home, all year round, certainly has its benefits.

 – – – – – –

Your corners give you the flexibility to be creative and have a little fun with your home décor.
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