Customer “wowed” by her new floor

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HI Lynne,
We received our flooring, and there is no other word for it but, “WOW”, I feel part of New Hampshire has come to Massachusetts, and I could not be happier, thank you so much!  I feel like the flooring is a work of art in itself, I don't think I even want furniture!   I think the floors are enough, but we do have to sit somewhere.

We could not fit it all in our house so we had to have some of it put in the garage, I hope that will not effect it, we have it covered and are monitoring the humiditiy, which has been very low!  I am so excited I cannot wait to see it put down and finished.

There are no words left to say other than thank you Carlisle and thank you Lynne and everyone who helped us and delivered it to us!  Will be in touch with questions when we go to install I am sure!

Karen G and Bill A

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