Dark & Light Wood Floors Take Center Stage

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As a custom flooring company, we create custom floors every day for clients over the world. But through this process, we start to notice trends and design features that resonate the most with clients.

Wondering what people are loving thus far? Some like it dark, some like it light…luckily, we can do both!

For the Love of Dark Wood Floors

Carlisle dark stained oak wood floors in a New York living room

Dark wood floors remain an instant favorite. Their lush, rich, hues create a stately Hampton style elegance or pair them with copper, stainless steel, exposed brick, or other urban inspired charms for that industrial San Francisco flat.

We have come a long way from the original dark wood flooring, sealed with a homemade finish made from turpentine and tobacco leaves – and discovered stains and finishes that create this versatile look, and go with just about anything.

Word to the wise, use caution when selecting accent colors, and consider the natural lighting in the space. If you want a dark floor, but don’t have a lot of natural light or your room is smaller in scale, don’t fret. Create an interior design that uses lighter paint colors and window fashion to enhance as much natural light as possible. Use mirrors and accent lighting to brighten up a space.

When selecting a dark wood floor, keep in mind that you can almost any species of wood to create a dark wood floor – Ash flooring, Hickory flooring, White Oak flooring – or Walnut flooring, which is naturally dark, are among our most favorite. We generally advise against styles like Birch and dark Maple floors, which don’t accept a stain as well as other species.

Living the “Light” Life with White Wood Floors Carlisle light oak wood floors

Light wood floors, especially white wash wood floors, have been for centuries. Finishes like milk-paint may come to mind, as this was used on many of the original floors, walls, and ceilings as people use it to protect the wood, but also make rooms feel bright and larger.

The crisp, neutral hue, is equally accessible for that beachfront bungalow or that upscale New York Penthouse. You’ll find them more and more in the most upscale retail stores too, as luxury outfitters seek to create a relaxing, and comfortable environment, and one which adjusts to the changing colors and styles of the season.

When selecting a white wood floor, choosing a wide width will be an important design consideration. This style floor reveals seams and more of the natural character of the flooring, a narrow width floor (anything less than 6” wide) will, therefore, create a lot of seams and detract from the overall beauty of the floor.

Stay tuned for more information on our light and dark wood flooring, as we reveal our newest collection of wood floors. We’re sure you are going to love it. Until then, contact us for a free design consultation or order samples of your favorite floors today.

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