New Home Planning Step 3: Designing a Floor Plan for How You Live

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New Home Planning Step 3: Designing a Floor Plan for How You Live

Many people have a hard time with floor plans because they don’t honestly have a good sense of space. I don’t mean that in a negative way but in just stating a fact. Another factor that comes into play is the space you have had before in your previous home or apartment. Let’s say for example that your apartment was small.

People in these situations will often design their rooms overly large to compensate for their smaller previous space. Yet what they should be looking at is how they actually use these spaces. Designing a 20’ x 30’ kitchen with a separate dining room may not be exactly what you will actually use if you don’t entertain a lot or eat out most of the time.

What about the family room? Is this the room that you want to use frequently and what space will you really need within this room for your personal use and furnishings?
Maybe you should consider the room as an extension of your dining area because you love to entertain family and friends often. This makes it a place that is ideal because everyone can be included throughout the meal from preparations, conversation and the meal itself.

Decisions such as room sizes and how they all work together to form a complete home take time and using the services of an architect and/or designer can make the process a great deal easier. They will be able to provide mock ups and computer assisted plans that can be viewed in 3D to let you actually see the space and what it will look like furnished. The important factor to remember is that you have to make an honest appraisal of what you want, how you will actually use it while also keeping the construction costs to a budget that you can afford.  Now maybe the bathroom shown below is something that you would love to incorporate into your home. Maybe it doesn’t fit your lifestyle or taste and remember there are no right or wrong answers, just choices.

Being honest and realistic are the keys to designing a home that works for YOU.

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