White Decor — Creating a Versatile Palette for a Dreamy Interior

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Creating a white interior design may seem like an easy process, but sometimes the simplest task requires a lot careful forethought and planning.

White interiors have a certain appeal in both residential and commercial interiors. A white interior presents many opportunities and challenges. On the one hand it is a stark, white canvas in which any kind of “painting” can be created, on the other hand, but this same benefit can also serve as a detriment if not planned for accordingly. If you are looking for a dreamy white interior lets look at some of the reasons, benefits, and show you some design ideas that will inspire your design.
Carlisle White Oak flooring

Why White?

Clients love the light, bright Scandinavian feel of the white interior. This look is inspired by the Eastern Europe ares of the world, where sunlight is found in small doses, so homes are designed to create a somewhat artificial ambiance of light. From architectural functionality, the white interior is also sought after for other aesthetic reasons.

Some clients love a clean, chic backdrop because it creates the opportunity for creative expression. Artists see this as a great canvas with which to display artwork pottery, textiles and other artifacts. As a decorator, or designer, it creates a widely versatile palette that will blend with a variety of colors, textiles and accents.

Then, there are others, who prefer the crisp, modern feel of a clean, contemporary space, which a white interior is uniquely suited to create.
Master Bedroom with light colored floors and dark wood accents

White Walls Don’t have to be Basic

If you think white walls are a little too boring, think again. You can add character to your space, and keep the versatile white walls by planning other interior elements like crown molding, window fashion, furniture, artwork and textile selections. Some beautifully crafted crown molding on walls, doors or windows, or custom paneling turn a common white wall stand out as an architectural gem.

Mix & Match with Style

One of the best things about a white interior, it goes with anything — even more white!
White Kitchen with light natural wood floors

This home in Georgetown has earth toned and natural wood accents throughout the home. This creates a clean interior but also a relaxing ambiance. But remember, a white interior also allows you to mix and match any kind of color, or collection of colors.

Layer on the Whites

Creating a white interior is about having the right balance of hues.

Some interiors will use a slightly darker or gray wood floor to balance out the white cabinets and walls. This home in Georgetown had custom white wash white oak flooring made. Three of the most design features were one, creating a white wash finish that would go with the rest of the interior; two, custom grading the boards to have a little character, to offset the naturally modern feel of the home and three, unique, wide plank boards that match the luxury feel, and scale of the space.

When considering a white interior, the trick is to carefully layer on the whites, don’t try to make them match.

Versatility at Its Best

This grand entryway displays many of the exciting option that one can incorporate into a white interior. Notice the glamorous and glitzy chandelier that adorns the entry ceilings; or the dark wood flooring and matching ballisters and stair treads, they even have a matching accent wall in the back room. Lastly, notice the colorful abstract art that hangs to be seen from all angles of the room.

A white interior lends itself to many accents in lighting, artwork, architectural details and colors.

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