Design Boards – Industrial Upgrade

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Design Boards – Industrial Upgrade

In our “Design Boards” series this week we look at a modern transformation of an industrial flat.

Our featured project this week comes to us from DC based design firm, Studio Santalla.  They created a luxurious home for some international clients and turned an archaic property into a modern retreat with an emphasis on contemporary design and custom accents.


We can see why this project was featured in, and on the cover of, Home & Design Magazine.  







We've uncovered a few amazing products to help recreate what you see here, and we were were able to get first hand information on some of the sources!


Michele Sofa

BB Italia

It was no surprise to learn that a BB Italia leather sofa was included as the living room furniture.  This Italian furniture maker is known for its clean, sophisticated styles and quality. 

BB Italia Michel Sofa for Modern Decor on Carlisle Wide Plank Floros Blog


Depending on the colors you like for your home, BB Italia has several leather colors (and fabric) to choose from. Here's just a sample of some colors that would match this decor:

BB Italia Leather Options for Michel Sofa on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


Tavolo Con Ruote Coffee Table

Design Within Reach

Glass top coffee tables are an excellent design element for a modern décor, while wrought Iron wheels may seem more appropriate for more vintage, and classic interiors.  But, you can see how the two elements come together. The industrial feel of the building, including oversized windows and exposed pipes gives this modern flat the flexibility to blend styles without compromising the overall decor.

Cora Floor Lamp


Brushed Steel and other metallic continue to trend from 2013 to 2014. 

Although it's hard to see, this room features a simple brushed steel, arched floor lamp.   Inmod has a nice design in the Cora floor lamp that is an exact match.  It’s simple, sleek design fits the space, and the brushed steel matches the detailing of the ottoman, sofa and exposed piping throughout the flat.


Floor Covering

Wide Plank Hickory Prefinished Wood Flooring

Dark, chocolate brown is one of the primary colors of the overall design scheme. 

So it is no surprise that dark wide plank prefinished wood floors were chosen by the designer.   The All 8” wide Hickory planks fit the large dimension of the room, nearly devoid of walls and boasting high ceilings.  The industrial size windows and white walls reflect a lot of natural light, so the dark wood floors never make the room feel small.

Dark Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


Mosaic Cowhide Rug

It is not uncommon to install an area rug in living areas.

They can be a nice design element.  In this case Studio Santalla had a mosaic cowhide rug custom made for the project.  While we weren’t able to locate the exact craftsman, we did find a nice California based company. Y Living, who could provide a suitable alternative.   The cowhide rug helps tie together some of the primary colors of the room – and it looks great on the dark wood floors!

Y Living Cowhide Rug on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog



From personalize portraits to sculptures and paintings artwork, this home shows an appreciation for art.

It is an important element to the overall design of the home, one that adds a conversation piece and infuses the room with some color.   The designer identified two artists featured in the home including sculptor Nelson Carrilho .

Nelson Carrilho Sculpture on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


Another artist featured in the home in sculpture and artwork is Keith Minlow.


All of these pieces are one-a-kind, so while you can’t get the exact artwork you see here, their artwork and sculptures are still available in other designs.


You can play off the design elements of a room or infuse some color with some tasteful accent pieces.

Throw pillows adorn the couch adding some coral, rust and beige tones.    You can find many sources of premade accent pillows like the website, Luxury Throw Pillows. Or find a fabric company with the design or color you like and easily have them custom made to suit your decor.

Luxury Accent Pillows on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

These draw colors out of the artwork and break up the monochromatic white and brown décor.  It's a nice touch without taking away from the contemporary, minimilistic decor.

For more information on the project, or to contact the designer click here.

What is your favorite part of this project?

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