Design Boards – Rustic Modern Family Room

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Design Boards – Rustic Modern Family Room

In the next segment in our series “Design Boards,” we introduce you to a spectacular home in Telluride, Colorado.

This home, built by Michael Bradley of Refined Custom Homes, and photographed by Merritt Design Photo of Denver, features a sophisticated combination of modern and rustic decor.  From its vintage distressed wood flooring to its eclectic styling throughout, you will love the ambiance of the home.

Step inside for an up-close and personal look at all the stylish details and our finds for our “Design Board.”

Dark Wood Floor in Rustic Living room View from ceiling


As with most of the custom homes we have reviewed so far, finding a replica of the products has not been easy.  This is very common when it comes to custom homes as the upholstery, furniture, and other interior details are often custom made to meet the client’s exact needs.

This family room has a perfect balance of modern and rustic styling.


Let’s start with the furniture.  The dark brown leather couch has a rich color and iron nail detailing on both the arms and front of the couch.  Restoration Hardware has an excellent replica for this look with its 10′ Collins Couch.

The room also features matching custom mission style armchairs.  The fabric on the chair is a soft plush-like fabric which can be hard to find even in custom choices available. This Bow Arm Slat Morris Chair is less curved in design and has the mission-style slats on the side. This chair has customization options available for wood type and a wide array of leather and fabric choices. 

Between the two armchairs is a unique accent table.  It looks like an old wine or whiskey barrel, but it has a piece of wood as the tabletop that was cut from an entire log.  This has been nearly impossible to replicate, but we did find a tasteful and unique replacement from Kathy Kuo.  The Palecek bronze rain drum side table will add an interesting new element to all the wood features in the space.

Reclaimed Beam Coffee Table



Another unique piece of furniture in this home is the coffee table, crafted from, what appears to be, two solid pine beams.   We found a gorgeous option on by KMR Werkes. The beams are sourced from old barns and the metal has a mill finish.



The wood floors in this home make a statement all their own.  They almost seem to weave together the rustic modern charm that is being created.   The naturally dark American Walnut flooring gives the room a luxurious feel and complements the fireplace mantle, furniture, window, and door trim. The floor features Carlisle Watermill Surface, a distressed wood flooring style, which naturally complements the space.

Dark Wood Floors in Rustic Living room

Want to see more of this project?  Click here to read the story and view additional photos.

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