Design Boards – Winter’s Tropical Escape

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Design Boards – Winter’s Tropical Escape

After getting blasted with two major snowstorms in the last 7 days, many of you, from Georgia to New Hampshire are envisioning a tropical retreat to escape the snow and the shoveling.

Today’s Design Boards will give you a little glimpse into the sunny days, and warm décor of a tropical paradise.  You’ll be dreaming of Mai Tai’s and surfboards with this bedroom from Hawai’i.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Hawaiian Tropical Bedroom from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Wood Flooring

As with every great interior, the wood floor is the foundation for the overall design.    You want to choose a wood floor that reflects the character of the room, while complementing the overall color scheme you plan to create.  You always want to choose something that adapts to the changing decor that might occur over time.

Here, the designer made the right choice, with reclaimed wood floors made from Reclaimed Milled Barnwood.  The natural color variation in the wood goes perfectly with the dark furniture, especially since the boards contain dark patches of wood that have darkened over time, or from the original saw marks, nail holes and other character, that still remain in the board.  However, the floor isn’t too dark, so the room still maintains a light color from the golden pine undertones.

Antique Flooring and Reclaimed Wood Floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


Some rooms have bold splashes of color that completely define the room.  Others, like this tropical, do it a bit more subtly.  The coral and turquois hues are traditional for a tropical theme, and complement the dark furniture nicely.  They are woven into the bedspread and fabric to add just the right touch. The white board and batten paneling make it easy to switch out the furniture and the colors as design trends, and personal taste changes over time.

We found some great bedding with similar color tones from Eastern Accents.  It has the same blend of colors, with the tropical touch.

Eastern Accents Capri Bedding on the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog



Every piece of furniture incorporates some form of dark wood, or a combination of wood and rattan wicker material.  The bedside bench also includes bamboo reed detailing for an Asian influence.

The dark wood bedside tables and bookshelves are a nice contrast to the white walls.  This dark wood color tone continues in the chair, headboard, bedside bench, and window covering, to tie the entire décor together.  And we found some excellent furniture pieces to replicate this design.

The Kingston Isle Sleigh Headboard combines the wood and rattan detail that fits in so well with a tropical design theme.

Kingston Isle Sleigh Headboard on the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog
Kingston Isle Sleigh Headboard

The style of the bedside bench can be found in this furniture piece from David Francis Furniture.

David Francis Furniture Bench on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog


The side table in this room combines a few differnt influences.  It’s a little bit craftsman, somewhat vintage, and entirely beautiful in the dark wood.  The Sawyer Side Table from Pottery Barn might be a good fit.

Sawyer Side Table from Pottery Barn on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors








If you love the colors of the room, finding furniture with the exact color may be a bit of a challenge.  But many furniture companies will customize the upholstery like with the Padma’s Plantation Wicker Chair.

Padma Plantation Wicker Chair on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog










And they have a variety of colors to choose from!

Padma Plantation Wicker Chair Colors


Another great option is working with a custom upholstery company. Carnegie Fabrics has a great selection of fabrics if you love the coral and turquois colors of the chair and bench cushion.

carnegie fabrics


There are three forms of “lighting” factored into this room. First, the board and batten interior walls, painted white, to keep a light interior;  second, you have the 3-tier orb glass bedside lamps.  We found a lovely match from United Kingdom based Decolight.  The gray lampshade is not the right fit, but can easily be replaced with one of your choosing.
Last, but not least we have the rattan wicker styles ceiling fan.  Here we incorporate the same wicker design that you see in the chair and headboard.  This Maui Bay Ceiling Fan from Emerson is an almost perfect fit!

What tropical location are you dreaming of this during the snowy winter season?

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