Design Tips for the Perfect Entryway

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Design Tips for the Perfect Entryway

If “home is the where is heart is” then your entryway is the pulse of your home.  As the first and last thing people see when they enter your home it can become a welcoming oasis of organization or a debacle of clutter and chaos.  While many homes may have more than one entry way, the one that matters most is where the family, friends and pets enter to drop off school and sport supplies, wet paws, and other seasonal items. 

Here are the top four entry way design features to consider for your home to make the most of your space.


This great video from EasyClosets walks you through the top 4 entry way organizational tips to keep your space in order.

Naturally having a specific unit or cubby, for each indivual family member with extendable, stackable, and covered storage is ideal.  Dad always knows where to put his keys, children know where to store their winter gloves, and backpacks are hung up, never strewn across a floor.

In addition to family spaces be sure to plan for guests with a closet to store jackets and shoes.

With so many people coming in and out of the home with all sort of delightful items in tow, its important to maintain the ambiance of your entryway.  The best way to do this is with color, decor and scents.   


When it comes to your entry you can choose to be bold or make a subtle statement by the color you choose.

Lighter, natural tones are a good fit for an entryway because they are not overpowering.  You can use other design elements to infuse color into the room and it makes it easy to redesign the room without the need to re-paint. If you are using a lighter color be sure to choose a paint that will provide easy to clean up solutions without effecting paint quality or color. You can find out more information paint types at Sherwin Williams.

Some homes also use lighter shades but feature a bright or bold accent wall – especially popular in homes with high ceilings, and big open spaces where it is difficult to identify the perimeter of a room. 

If you want to use bold, dark colors make sure you have the right room size, and natural lighting to make it work so people don't feel like they are entering a cave.





When considering decor for your space try to minimize those items that will sit directly on the floor.  While it might look pretty the first day you move in, it will most likely be in the way once you actually start living in the home.

Wall Decor – When it comes to wall decor you have many differrent options to choose from, and since its not sitting on the floor in your way you have alot of space to work with too.  Whether its a traditional painting or photograph, hand painted wallpaper, or decorations you can use your walls to add color to a room.  You can also use wood as an accent wall.

Lighting – Lighting can be used both decoratively and functionally in your entryway space.  You should rely on a combination of natural lighting, lamps within the ceiling and walls keep the overall design clean and clutter free.




Frank Fontana of HGTV shares insight into “Creating an Intriguing Entryway” for Oprah, stating quite simply if you don't control the odors something else – i.e. soccer cleats, hockey bags – will! 

Candles are probably not the most reliable method of infusing scents especially if it will be running during the day, but products like Scentsy can help you create just the right touch with no concern about flames or residue.  Consider purchasing a scent of the month to go with the season.  These flameless/wickless warmers also come in a variety of appealing styles.


When you last design an entryway what design elements did you consider?  What do you like to see when you enter a home, what makes it the most welcome?

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