FALL COLORS – Flooring & Wall Trends

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FALL COLORS – Flooring & Wall Trends

Holiday season approaches and the air begins to feel crisper, the leaves change colors and the warm touches of fall appear through firewood, decorative pillows and rich accent wall colors. First impressions count during this holiday season as your family and friends descend upon your home for gatherings that will create long-term memories.

The key to enjoying the holiday is reminding yourself that simple steps for designing your home involve details with decorative accents, wall colors and flooring.

Accents. Few people can afford to completely redecorate their homes, so a common trend in the fall will be a transition to decorative pillows in rich colors such as pumpkin, cinnamon, deep green, gold, grey and silver. Lamps are being showcased with glass, gold, silver and mirror accents in unique base shapes and with classic lampshades.

Walls. Paint is the easiest, least expensive and most versatile way to express your lifestyle and to imbue a room with the proper energy. Check out the Benjamin Moore Fall Color Trend review: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-ca/for-your-home/fall-colour-combinations-by-benjamin-moore to assist you with a few options. Three historical colors that are used frequently on walls that are not intrusive are Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4), Revere Pewter (HC-172) and White Dove (OC-17). Accent walls in the same warm hues previously discussed are common, with some  clients moving toward white trim, muted shades on walls, and a rich accent color in a coffered or beamed ceiling.

A few color thoughts:

Red is a versatile color that will not go out of style, but ensure that you select a color that will feel warm and inviting – such as cranberry or cinnamon –and not a hue that induces agitation

Orange, harvest yellow and gold are popular in the fall, and add warmth during the holiday seasons, but be sure to stay away from Halloween colors.

Grey/Silver has beccome popular with many clients, but to much metallic can become a focal point for the room if there is not enough texture or a pattern in the rest of the furniture. Use these colors sparingly with a focus on accents.


Flooring. Wide plank flooring reminds me of a wonderful holiday season spent in a colonial farmhouse in Connecticut – with a blazing fireplace. When used in a home, it merges today with classic timelessness. There are so many families who have indicated that they want to create a home that has an heirloom quality and the first thing that I suggest is quality flooring.

Each fall we see more clients focusing toward the richer palette of flooring – oak, pecan and hickory – stained with darker hues ranging from chestnut to ebony. This rich stain trend appears to be in place for the near future, with the lighter stains trending during spring and summer.

Imagine that scratch in the entry foyer reminding you of the many times you had to tell your children to leave their shoes by the door. Or the puncture mark in the center hall bringing back a memory of a dropped umbrella. All of these memories will make your home more personal and make the memories last for a lot longer than wall-to-wall carpeting or tile.

In addition, more families are opting for hardwood floors in their kitchen spaces – which can be traditional, but also modernized dependent on the stain. A very common trend is to add radiant floor technology to the main level and private quarters so that families can walk around with stocking feet, during every season.

Remember that first impressions count…and flooring choices, wall colors, and decorative accents are the most visible part of your décor, after your furniture…enjoy this fall and winter season and ensure that you know that the selections you make for your home should be personal to your taste, and not just a design magazine.


Robin Wilson is an eco-friendly interior designer and a lifestyle brand with products sold at Bed Bath & Beyond.com. She is an ambassador to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and author of Kennedy Green House (Greenleaf, 2010). She regularly appears on the speakers circuit, on television and offers commentary in print on wellness, sustainability and allergy & asthma issues. Learn more at www.robinwilsonhome

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