Fashionable Flooring Ideas – Wood Floor Patterns

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Fashionable Flooring Ideas – Wood Floor Patterns

When it comes to selecting wide plank floors for a residential or commercial interior you want to be fashionable!

One of the best ways to do this is by selecting a stylish wood floor that complements and elevates the overall design creating a more classy and timeless look.   Wood floor patterns, also known as parquet wood floors are a fashionable way to dress up any space!

Wood floor patterns and parquet floors can be found in the earliest European manors and castles.  They were a sign of affluence because of the time and wealth required to pay a craftsman to cut and sculpt each individual piece and install them in the pattern desired.   Let’s go over some of the basics when it comes to selecting your own wood floor pattern.

Wood Style

When selecting a wood floor pattern you can use any species or style of wood.

Hardwood flooring is the most popular choice because it comes in a variety of styles and colors.  If you like a dark wood floor, Walnut is a great choice.  Or you can use a naturally lighter oak hardwood floor, but finish it with a dark stain – or finish it with any stain to create the right look.  Hickory is also a nice option, especially for commercial interiors because of its durability.  It is quite versatile when it comes to finishing options as well because unfinished hickory floors look good in a light whitewash stain or a dark stain.

Reclaimed hardwood floors can also be used for wood floor patterns, like in this Museum of Southern History in Sugarland, Texas.

Pattern Style

There are a variety of patterns to choose from when selecting a patterned floor.  Some being more intricate than others.


Hickory hardwood flooring and chevron Wood Flooring












herringbone flooring pattern








Bourdeax Parquet Flooring Pattern









versailles flooring pattern









Wood Combination

When customers are considering a wood floor pattern, some clients like to combine materials to create the perfect floor design.

In this home in Florida, the clients chose a Black Marble tile and installed it with Wide Plank Walnut, a beautiful dark wood floor that was crafted with a Footworn surface and installed directly to concrete.  It is the perfect fit for this Mediterranean inspired home.

Walnut Wood Floors With Tile In Living Room

Size & Dimensions

Wood floor patterns come in a variety of sizes.  The most common patterns, Herringbone and Chevron, the length of the board should be five times the width of the board.  For example, you might order a Herringbone floor that is 4″ wide x 20″ long.  We recommend 4″ or wider for the most fashionable look!

For other patterns like Bordeaux or Versailles, you will have a variety of sizes to create all the individual pieces (typically called blocks and staves) but they all fall into a mathematical pattern.


When considering a wood floor pattern for your interior there are two important things to keep in mind:

1. Quality.  Some people believe that if you are creating a patterned floor you can use “scraps” of wood because flooring patterns are made from such small pieces.  That is not the case if you want the highest quality look.  You still want to start with longer, wider boards to craft your patterned floor.  This ensures that the pieces have a tight, smooth grain, minimal knots and character (unless you are going for a rustic look) and that pieces blend well together throughout the entire floor.

2.  Manufacturer.  When ordering flooring it is best to work with a manufacturer who can craft the floor in the individual pieces for the actual pattern you want to create.   It is very complicated and costly to do this on-site and can be very risky if you are not working with the right craftsman.  For patterns like Versailles, you may even be able to order the pattern already pre-mounted on plywood, which makes installation so much easier!  Although there is a higher upfront cost, you will save time and considerable money on-site, off the installation costs.

Have you installed or used a patterned floor in a recent interior?  Did you like it? What style and pattern did you use?

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