Fashionable Tips and Ideas for Your Wall Decor

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Fashionable Tips and Ideas for Your Wall Decor

Hang It Up to Dress it Up

Wall fashion is so much more than paint color or wallpaper selection.

There are other components you can use to dress up, dress down, or further personalize your room.  Wall decor can be fun to plan, organize and install.  It’s a great do-it-yourself project, although you may want a helper who can assist you with layout and alignment.

Here’s a few more tips, ideas and reminders to inspire you and help you plan for your wall decor.

Your Canvas

Next to your wood floors, your walls are the largest canvas of your home.

Before you select the right wall fashion for your home you need to understand the type of wall you have to work with.

Do you have a traditional sheetrock or plaster wall that you can paint over and nail to? 

This is an easy canvas from which to start. Just make sure you know where your joists are located and/or employ the right installation techniques for your artwork.

Do you have wood paneling made from antique flooring or pine flooring

While you can’t (and don’t want to) paint over this it can be a lovely backdrop for your wall fashions, or stand as a fashion piece all it’s own, especially if you are going for an old-world, eclectic or vintage look.

Antique Wood Flooring and Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


Do you have wood bead board?

Beadboard is similar to paneling, but smaller in width, typically with a decorative bevel on either side. If you are using an antique wood floor for your beadboard, you should consider finishing it naturally.  If you are considering staining or painting the beadboard, you should consider Select Grade wood that will be mostly free of knots.  Often times beadboard only goes half way up, still giving you plenty of room at the top for a traditional wall.

There are other materials you can use to build your walls, or which may already be in place when it is time to decorate.  This includes clay, brick or limestone.   You may also have a combination of wall styles which is decorative all on it’s own.  In this case, your installation of wall decor may vary from a traditional stick built wall, but your options should be just as versatile.

Find Your Style

The style of your wall decor is completely up to you.

To start with you need to determine if your decor will be modern, eclectic, french country, shabby chic – there are dozens of styles to choose from.  This will help you choose the right textures, fabrics, and items.

Your wall decor doesn’t necessarily have to match the room, unless you want it to, but it should complement the overall style.

Wall Decor Ideas on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Source: Hometopia

It may not be easy to move around furniture, cabinetry, lighting and other larger design elements in your home, but it is easy to move around most of your wall decor!  Even most stencils and murals can be easily removed with the right supplies.

Wall Mural Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

Source: Paperblog

This should take the pressure off and help you just have fun.

Your style may also be dictated by the type of room you are decorating.

Types of Wall Fashion

Wall fashion goes beyond paint color and wallpaper.

There are an almost unlimited number of possible styles for your wall adornments.

Wall Decor Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


Source: Google

If you are an avid traveler or collector you may pick up plates, pottery, artwork and other artifacts.

You might have a giant wall in your mudroom or kitchen that screams “blackboard” for daily menu’s or reminder notes.

You might want to dress up an office with motivational quotes.

You may want to give your entryway a little zing, or add a little decor to your infants new nursury.

When thinking about your wall decor you can organize it in themes or keep everything eclectic and anything goes.


There are many decorative accents that you can add to a room, and your home to give it more color.  Your wall decor is no exception.

Neutral and light toned walls benefit from a little splash of color in the wall decor.  Add shelves for books, or colorful picture frames.

Even your photographs and artwork themselves will bring color into a room – unless of course you go with the black and white theme, which case you may want to use colorful frames.

If you want to add some color, but don’t want to paint, your wall decor can provide the best solution, and you know it is not permanant.

Size and Scale

The size and scale is an important consideration as you select wall fashions for your room.

If you have large oversized windows or high ceilings your room can accommodate much larger displays of artwork, be it entire wall size murals or a scattered motif. Use long artwork or stacks of wall decor on high, narrow walls.

contemporary living room

Choose wider, longer walls to adorn your murals and larger photo displays.

If you are installing wall fashion above a piece of furniture, it should be slightly smaller, except if you are trying to pull the eye away from the furniture. For example, a flat screen TV can lose it’s importance under a strategically placed collage of artwork.

Layout and Shape

The layout and shapes of your wall decor should look like a natural fit in your room.

To start with, position your wall fashion about 60” off the ground, which is at average eye level. Then build your décor around it (or above it – whichever the case may be).

Then determine, whether your layout will be symmetrical or asymmetrical. This may depend on the style room that you are working with and whether you want your room to look more sophisticated or eclectic.


Mirrors are an excellent accent to the wall décor of a room.

If your room is small, strategically place your mirrors in areas that will reflect a lot of light, or an adjacent room.  This can give the illusion that the room is larger.  If you have a large space, match the scale of your mirror to your room so it doesn’t get lost in the dimensions.

If you have a long gallery hallway, hang multiple mirrors down the entire length for a dramatic effect, or add a simple vanity mirror to check yourself on the way out the door. Or combine mirrors as part of a larger motif.


If you need some tips on HOW to hang your artwork, we found this helpful article from Elle Décor just for you.

Share your ideas for fashionable wall decor!

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