Find the Right Wide Plank Floor with Carlisle’s Sample Shop

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When you’re choosing a new hardwood floor for your home, the variety of options can be daunting. What kind of wood and grade will look best, and what stain or finish will match your interior? Should you choose a prefinished floor? And what about adding texture to the floorboards? Infinite possibilities can feel overwhelming.

Working with wood flooring samples can help, but samples are often misleading, confusing and hard to select. That’s why, at Carlisle, we’ve reinvented the sampling process to create an easier way to ensure your floor will perfectly match your vision.

The Carlisle Sample Shop

Every week, the Carlisle Sample Shop sends out up to 150 sample kits to customers who are searching for the ideal wide plank floor. Starting with a template that quickly narrows the field of choices, you can order samples from one of our collections or get custom samples that are handmade to your specifications, receiving your kit in about seven days.

As you work with a Wide Plank Specialist to review your samples and consider options, we can send you additional samples to help you further customize your choices. Our Sample Shop is staffed with four expert materials and color designers, so you’ll always have access to help and answers when you need them.

Customizing your wood floor samples

Hand Staining Hardwood with Brown Stain

With Carlisle, you’ll never have to settle only for the samples that are available. Our team will handcraft samples based on your choices and specifications, so you can see exactly what your Carlisle floor will look like before you order it.

There are lots of ways to customize your Carlisle floor.  We offer 12+ species of hardwood and pine, and a variety of wood grades that let you choose to have more or less character in your planks.

We make it easy to find the perfect color, too. Our Carlisle Custom Color matching system can reproduce a stain color from any sample you send to us.

We invent new shades of color every day, and our samples make it easy to see your color on a specific variety of wood.  We can even add texture like our proprietary Brushed, Timeworn or Footworn techniques, so you can how a textural treatment will affect the light and color of your floor.

Our brand-new, state-of-the-art prefinishing line makes it possible for us to send samples of prefinished floors with a wide variety of looks and treatments. And if you prefer a site-finished floor, we will send you stains and finishes to achieve that look on-site.

Additional flooring samples: shade boards and full-floor mockups

When you have a color tone in mind but aren’t sure of the shade, our Sample Team can send a custom shade board with a variety of shades on a single plank so you can compare options side-by-side. And if you want to see your choices realized on a larger sample before you order an entire floor, we will custom-craft a large 4’x 4’ section with your choices in wood, color, texture and finish, and ship it right to your home.A more convenient wood sample experience

Working with Carlisle’s Sample Shop is the most convenient way to design your wide plank floor. Rather than fighting traffic and looking for parking as you visit endless retail locations, you can explore your options and work with our Sample Team from the convenience of your home. And rather than settling for whatever wood samples are on the shelf at your local wood floor retailer, you can work with a Carlisle wide plank specialist to develop samples that are completely customized for your sense of style and your vision for your floor and interior.

Sample Wood and Panels with Tools

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