5 Easy Ways to Add Harmony to Your Home

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5 Easy Ways to Add Harmony to Your Home
Although invisible to the naked eye, energy plays a significant role in shaping the feelings of harmony within our homes. This life force, or Chi as it’s referred to in Chinese culture, comes from the idea that everything in the world is alive and made of energy. Even though the physical world may seem solid and steadfast, it is continually changing. Each choice we make and interaction we have with our environment influences the physical and spiritual world around us. Everything is connected.

Feng shui serves to unite and harmonize these energies. It draws on the five natural elements to create balance and channel power into your space. While there are limited scientific studies to back up its principles, thousands of years and hundreds of feng shui masters stand by its results. Though this 5,000-year-old system may seem complicated at first, there are many simple ways to nurture your abundance and prosperity. So, join us as we bring harmony to your home in just six easy steps.

The Basics: Your Bagua Chart and the Five Elements

The bagua chart is where feng shui begins. The 8-sided map is used to analyze the energy of any given space. From your kitchen to your bedroom, hallways and fireplace, every section of the home connects with a different aspect of your life. It is also associated with a specific natural element, a color, and a cardinal direction. But for now, we’ll focus first on the elements.

1. Fire

Fire about high levels of energy, it fuels dreams, drives passion and fosters creativity. Introducing an element of fire into your home eliminates stagnant energy and stirs things up. Use candles, light your fireplace or add bold pops of color in orange, yellow and pink to represent this element. It corresponds to the South side of the bagua map.

2. Wood

Wood is a symbol of growth, solidarity and health. It represents self-awareness, relationships and spirituality. Natural elements, like wide plank wood floors, raw-edge shelving and driftwood are all great choices for adding wood items to the home. Houseplants and other greenery also serve to represent this segment as do natural fibers like cotton or silk. It is also tied to the East and South East areas of the home.

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3. Water

Water is one of the most important elements in feng shui. It represents your life path, career and physical wealth and abundance. Being mindful when adding water features is very important, as water is often seen as a way to bring in – or wash away your good fortune. Elements of water can include fountains, ponds, pools and even bathrooms. It relates to the North side of the map.

4. Earth

Earth, as always, is an element of grounding. It can be thought of as the rock that holds things steady. Earth represents knowledge, stability and solidarity. When decorating a home, consider earth elements like beautiful crystals and gemstones, flooring such as terra-cotta or natural stone or sandy tones for your walls and furniture like bisque, cappuccino and clay. Earth corresponds to Southwest and Northeast sides of the home.

5. Metal

The final element is that of Metal. Metal symbolizes strength, independence, and the helping of others. It is most welcomed in the West, Northwest and North side of the home. Include this element by adding items with a metallic sheen, like photo frames in silver, gold or bronze or adding pieces in tones of white or grey. Think crisp cotton sheets, silvery duvets, substantial wooly throws, or mirror topped side tables.

With these simple guidelines, you’re ready to feng shui your own space. Take charge of your home by utilizing these simple principals and see how things change for the better. Small steps are the start of a bigger journey and the elements of feng shui are your guide.
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