5 Must Have Decor Essentials for Every Home

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August is here and it’s a month of getting back to basics! Back to school. Back to work. Back to projects and shifting our focus to fall.

Whatever the last of summer brings to your list, we’ve prioritized our top picks for inside your home! And it’s all about the Essentials!

Like the clean appeal of a light gray floor? Want something similar, but not sure where to start? Consider Presque Isle from our latest collection inspired by nature, Carriage House! This collection features 8”wide Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, and White Oak flooring capturing the essence of timeless quality. It’s refined enough to offer versatility to all décor and it’s created to last a lifetime. But it doesn’t stop with your floor!

Here are 5 essentials that work in every home:

1. A Pair to Remember

A pair of club chairs is your go-to for creating a cozy nook or a great room gathering depending on where you place them. Our favorite feature is that they work in almost any room! Think about where you’ll put them and how you’ll be using them to determine your style. Tall wing-backs by the hearth or streamlined clubs with a view? The key is to purchase two!

2. Chest of Drawers

The most versatile case-good of all time! Find a lowboy you love and work it wherever you need a little storage or want to show off some style. Whether it’s a family heirloom or mirrored Hollywood glam, it can stand-alone or work as a table next to a sofa or bed. Express yourself AND store your stuff in this one-stop classic! Drawers included.


3. Sofa So Good

A sofa may be the most important piece of upholstery for your everyday life. It’s imperative to invest in a timeless design that feels good every time you sit down! Choose a classic silhouette. Go with a solid neutral made of natural fiber like cotton or linen. It will work with the colors you love now and later. And keep you comfortable!

4. Home is Where the Art Is

Nothing tells your story like an original work of art! There are no rules except to not rush in! Take your time! Visit local galleries. Travel the world. Commission an artist to create a custom work. This may be a colorful painting, free-standing sculpture or a really amazing piece of photography. Just remember that it will be a true expression of you when you bring it home.

5. Outdoors Indoors

Everyone needs a live plant or tree to root their natural sense of style into their design! It brings nature into your space, improves the quality of the air, and makes every room feel fresh and finished. But this one requires the right kind of care, so do some research or consult with a local interior landscape designer to invest in a species that will thrive in your home.

Like the seasons, your taste may change. But if you invest in timeless essentials, they will reward you for years to come.

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