Flooring Trends To Follow in 2017

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Wood flooring retailers have reason to be optimistic about 2017. Industry experts are predicting increased disposable income, which will increase wood and wide plank flooring installation. As a homeowner, you will be in an excellent position to choose from attractive wood flooring trends to improve the look of your home’s interior.


This year, the most popular wood floor hues are changing, there is less of an emphasis on traditional flooring colors. The attention is on eye-catching tones on either end of the spectrum. Dark flooring with names like “antler” and “Olde English” offer a bold contrast to light-colored walls or kitchen cabinets.

If going dark doesn’t appeal to you, the other choice is to go blonde or absolutely natural. This look is fresh and inviting. Also, if your love for this color ever fades, you can always add a dark finish in years to come.


Wide plank floors are still going strong. In fact, we wonder if we can call it a trend, when it has been popular for over 300 years. This New Hampshire home used restoration quality Carlisle Wide Plank Eastern White Pine flooring in their historic 1700’s home. Even though wide plank floors may often be associated with these kinds of historic projects, we’ve done plenty of projects where the interior design style was anything but historic.

A New Hampshire home used restoration quality Carlisle Wide Plank Eastern White Pine flooring in their historic 1700's home

There is an emphasis on large planks, with the added design element of using multiple, random width planks which creates a very unique look. It is very common to see 3″, or 5″ called “wide plank”, but true wide plank boards will be 6-8-10″ or wider, some custom floorcrafters, like Carlisle, can create floors up to 20″ wide.

You may also want to embrace the “old and worn” look by using reclaimed wood or by having your floors hand-scraped or textured. For some trend-conscious homeowners, a floor that is new but has the warmth of age is the perfect fit.

If you do prefer a more traditional and luxurious look, woods like walnut flooring and cherry wood floors will be popular in 2017 and beyond. They are classic choices and have outlived many hot trends.
Two oak wood flooring examples


Working with hardwood flooring specialists, like CarlisleIn the last year, the average cost of a high-quality hardwood floor was between $8 and $14 per square foot. Wood floors are more expensive, but they provide years of interior beauty, and will become a timeless architectural element of the home. They can even help add resale value if you ever decide to sell the home, as prospective home buyers love this design element.

Planning for the right investment for your new floors can be tricky, since there are costs for the flooring as well as installation.

But Carlisle can help you put together a comprehensive floor design to plan for this — and every aspect — of your new floor.

Soft Styles

In addition to selecting the right wood flooring for interior spaces, you can also expect to see “soft” floor covering, like custom areas rugs, being used throughout homes and offices.

In some areas, incorporating soft flooring styles are required to meet sound ordinances. Luckily wood floors go with just about any style or color area rug. It is always best to start with the right foundation — a high-quality wood floor — then choose your area rugs on top for decorative purposes, based on the look you want to create. Area rugs are a quick, easy, and affordable way to change up the design of the room.

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No matter what trends may be popping up this year, designing the right wood floor is all about what you want. Download our Buyer’s Guide for more information and to start designing your new floor.
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