5 Common Misconceptions about Wide Plank Floors – Part 2

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5 Common Misconceptions about Wide Plank Floors – Part 2


In Part II of our series “Diffusing 5 Common Misconceptions with Wide Plank Floors” we are going to look at three common installation scenarios in which people are often discouraged from considering wide plank wood floors.
  • In-Floor Radiant Heat (hydronic and electric)
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Concrete Slab Subfloors.

First, we’ll outline the concerns and then we’ll discuss why some wide plank floors are possible for these applications.

1. I can’t install wide plank floors on radiant heat.

We have installed over 5 million square feet of flooring on radiant heat in the last 10 years! Carlisle is one of the only companies to proudly say that our Solid wood floors and Engineered wood floors can be installed over today’s popular radiant heat system whether it is in plywood, concrete, or gypcrete.

The concern with installing wide plank wood floors on radiant heat is that it is a more direct heat source and may cause the boards to experience more movement and/or negative movement like cupping or crowning, and it can also cause gaps. You can mitigate these issues by investing in a higher quality wood floor.  Proper acclimation and installation is also important to ensure stability and performance.

For Hydronic Radiant Heat, such as Warmboard, you can consider either Solid wood floors or Engineered wood. The appearance of a Carlisle engineered or solid wood floor is nearly indiscernible. For Electric Radiant Heat we recommend Engineered wood.

Cherry Wood Floors & Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Check out these successful projects, installed on radiant heat in Santa Cruz, CA, Los Altos, CA , Jackson Hole, WY

2. I can’t install a wide plank floor if I live near the water.

We have delivered wood floors all over the world. Living near the water doesn’t mean you can’t use wide plank floors.  Carlisle’s solid wood floors and engineered wood floors can be used. 

The concern with installing wood floors near the water is humidity. Change in moisture, not heat, causes wood to expand and contract. More moisture in the board means the boards will expand. Less moisture in the boards means the boards will contract or get smaller, causing gaps between the boards. 

You can mitigate this movement by using a higher quality wood floor that is more resilient to changes in humidity and therefore more stable. The quality of a wood floor is determined by the age of the timber it was cut from, the drying process it goes through, grading and milling. 

Reclaimed Flooring & Heart PIne Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Check out some of these projects… Los Altos, CA, Solano Beach, CA, Nantucket, MA, Bar Harbor, ME, Honolulu, Hawaii.

3. You can only install Engineered wood floors to concrete.

Carlisle has installed Solid wood floors and Engineered floors direct to concrete for many years in residential and commercial projects.

The concern with concrete installation is that concrete is made from water, which is normally not a good combination with wood. Naturally, there are certain steps you must take to ensure the concrete is properly cured, that proper moisture barriers are in place, and that you have a good understanding of what the long term “moisture-situation” will be in your home.

Installation direct to concrete can take more time, and may be more expensive to install, but there are many great installation products available today that will make your flooring installation a success.

Oak Flooring & Solid Wood FLooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Check out these successful installations on concrete: Park Hyatt Hotel, Washington, DC, Moultonborough, NH, Chicago, IL 

In Conclusion

Whether it is a concrete slab, radiant heat subfloor, or beautiful ocean-front home, the quality of the wood you invest in is going to determine the performance and level of satisfaction you have with the wood floor. The Carlisle Difference  sets Carlisle Wide Plank Floors apart from other options on the market. The investment we make in wood quality from procurement to cutting, drying and milling, presents you with the highest quality wood in the world, which will mitigate issues and installation restrictions.

Keep in mind that even with the best wood there are things that need to be done on site. For example, all interior heating and cooling systems should be turned on and operational for several weeks prior to the delivery of the flooring. All wood flooring needs to be properly acclimated to the conditions of the home. Use the proper installation techniques for your installation situation whether its nail-down, or glue-down. You should also understand that all wood will expand and contract through the seasons, this is a natural process that is very hard to control, but you can minimize this with the best quality wood. Acclimation and proper installation are also a factor to wood flooring performance.

Contact us today to speak with Carlisle Wide Plank Specialists who can help you design and plan for your new floors.  We are well versed in every type of installation due to our extensive training and we can provide installation recommendations for the best outcome.

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