From Guest Bedroom to Welcoming Retreat in 6 Simple Steps

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Hooray for Houseguests!

Like many people this summer, you are probably planning to host family or friends from out-of-town so you’ve spent plenty of time thinking about how to make their stay memorable.

You’ve discussed the sights to be seen, friends who will drop in, and dinner reservations to be made. You’ve even thought about checking the weather report and what special items to add to the regular menu in your kitchen. Now it’s time to focus on the room that will greet them during their stay and welcome them with Carlisle style luxury.

If the first thing that pops into your head is calling on your designer – or inner designer – for emergency new bedding, window treatments and accessory shopping, take a deep yoga breath: we’re not setting you up for a summer design project! But we have compiled a complete list to help you create a fresh and welcoming space.

1. Making Room

Remove family photos, personal items or excessive accessories that may have accumulated on nightstands and dressers. This includes clearing clothing you may have stored in the closet to make space for your guests’ hanging garments.

2. White Bright

White linens work magic in every bed and bath! If white sheets, bath and hand towels do not grace the current state of your space, now is the time to purchase a set of each! Who doesn’t feel fabulous when a turn-down reveals clean, crisp and bright white cotton sheets before bed?

White robes are a welcoming statement to any guest.

3. Mirror Trick

Large mirrors add a welcoming statement to any wall décor and work well as a stand-alone in an empty corner. Not only do they visually expand the space, they also allow guests to take a final look before heading out for the day.

4. Natural Beauty

We think every room needs a touch of live greenery as natural elements have the power to relax the mind. Potted botanical trees are stunning and easy to care for in well-lit spaces and fresh floral bouquets bring natural beauty to bedside tables.

5. Forget-Me-Nots

Assume that your visitors may have forgotten to pack any one of the basics and provide it with a basket of toiletries perched in the bathroom. Place a fresh bottle of water on their nightstand along with a drinking glass and perhaps a few bite-size homemade or locally made snacks. We promise they will thank you in the morning!

6. VIP Treatment

At Carlisle, we thrive on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Here are a few unexpected ideas that will have each of your guests feeling VIP:

  • A welcome note that includes the Wi-Fi password
  • A white bathrobe and slippers for each guest
  • A framed picture of them taken from their social media page
  • A white cotton laundry bag to take home

Pulling these details together will ensure your guests a relaxing and memorable stay in the comfort of your home!

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors: Retreat Collection Vignette

Building or Remodeling?

If you happen to be building, or if a remodel is in your future, this blog was inspired by the welcoming tranquility of our Retreat Collection (pictured above). Any one of the six soothing tones of this collection’s White Oak hardwood create a warm welcome and a stunning invitation to any room…especially for guests!

Our Carlisle Wide Plank Specialists are located in showrooms across the country and online and are ready to assist you with your project at any time.

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Request our Catalog or speak to a Wide Plank Specialist for more information about the Retreat Collection and Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.
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