Fuse Interior Design Styles to Make Your Home Uniquely Yours

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The interior of a home should do more than simply store furniture. When you walk into your house, it should feel safe, comfortable, and most of all, it should feel like you.

In order to create a home environment that expresses your unique personality and style, you first have to recognize what styles you admire, which ones complement each other, and avoid those that do not play nice together.

The Classical Romantic

Oak Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

An important factor to consider while defining and conveying your individual interior style is to take a look at what’s going on externally. Different architectural styles can be found in different parts of the the country and can be used as inspirational fodder. For instance, a home in Washington, D.C. might have a more Federal or even Victorian architectural style, so the interior should incorporate aspects of these design styles in order to create fluidity and parallelism between your home’s exterior and interior. Oak flooring is a great choice when you are trying to blend styles because it is so versatile; you can stain it light or dark, and achieve a rustic or formal look depending on how the floor is designed.

Federal style is known as a colonial style of design and it’s more formal than its colonial sister, Georgian. Federal was derived from Mediterranean influences, predominantly classical Greek and Roman monuments, so the exterior appears very refined and regal.

Heart Pine Flooring and Prefinished Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Inside homes of this style, you’ll often find arched ceilings, round rooms, and curved staircases, usually flanked by the iconic columns and pediments. If this theme appeals to you, the interior decor should include motifs like garlands, geometric patterns, bronze urns, and swans. You will also find wide plank heart pine flooring, with its rich amber heartwood and striking grain lines, which add warm ambiance to the home.

If the elegance of Federal design appeals to your personality but fails to incorporate your romantic tendencies, then blending Victorian design with Federal is perfect for you. Characterized by rich tapestries, tassels, and velvet, Victorian is linked to Federal through Georgian influence but seethes with Gothic undertones. Dark wood flooring like Walnut, from the Alabama home below, is an excellent backdrop for this design style thanks to its naturally rich color, subtle grain, and regal appearance. This combination is well-suited for a sophisticated personality that has an undertone of romance.

Walnut Flooring & Dark Wood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

The Free-Spirited Dreamer

If Federal and Victorian seem just a little too organized and simplistic to you, and your personality cries out for more color, then the bohemian style is for you. This eclectic scheme incorporates bold colors like purple and red, vibrant patterns, textiles, and layers to create a comfortable, warm ambiance. Accented with ample throw blankets, textured pillows, tapestries, and striking rugs, this design style emanates a feeling of ordered chaosAntique flooring is an excellent choice for a free-spirited look because the floor tells a story of its previous life with every nail hole, crack and color variation, plus it has an unpredictable look, which lends personality to an eclectic appearance.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring and Antique Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

A complimentary style to the boho theme depends on the environment in which you live, as accents for various regions loan themselves well to the eccentricity of bohemian design. Southwest design, in particular, melds well. Add accent pieces like dream catchers, desert pottery, and Native American quilts. The effect is one of spiritually and balance, a perfect combination for a carefree spirit.

The Practical Intellectual

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank FloorsAntique Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank FloorsFor those who appreciate functionality and clean lines, a Scandinavian design scheme makes the most sense. Like the bohemian style, Scandinavian style enjoys the use of textiles and contrasting textures, but that’s where the similarity abruptly ends. Scandinavian is neat, clean, involves plenty of open space, and minimal use of color. The result is a home that feels organized and peaceful. The New York city home you see above has many Scandinavian design elements — light colored furniture and prefinished oak flooring, a hint of color, bright, white walls and windows to capture the full effect of the natural light.

To add an edge to the mildness of Scandinavian, an industrial design works wonderfully. Though still utilitarian in concept, industrial style incorporates such unique accents as exposed brick and ductwork, antique woodwork, task lighting, and polished chrome and silver hardware. Though industrial design emulates a warehouse atmosphere, the open space and functionality matches up with the Scandinavian design, balancing out the sometimes cold feel of industrial design.

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To make your residence feel more like a home, use your own personal style in the interior design. If your style doesn’t fall entirely into one style design, don’t be afraid to bend and break the rules. Combine designs to help your home become a sanctuary and true reflection of you.
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