Global Color Research Fall/Winter 2013 Color Trends!

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Global Color Research Fall/Winter 2013 Color Trends!

The folks at the UK based firm Global Color Research at MIX magazine are at it again, revealing their color trends for Fall-Winter 2013!

With Fall is just a few weeks away, what better time to start thinking about fall colors, as they relate to your interior design projects?  Or are looking for design inspiration!

From Slate and Sandstorm to Pincecone and Persimmon – these color pallets are filled with earth tones and vivid hues that you can start visuailizing right in your own spaces!


The Flint collection represents a feeling of getting back to your roots and origins.

Interior Stylist Gudy Herder writes that “there is a certain Neolithic style going back to our roots relfected by rich earth soil colours, warm neutrals and rust”

Imagine the warm cocoa colored fur coats and boots of neanderthals and reveal “Cromagnon” brown.  Visualize a storm-blue “Neanderthal” sky bringing in ice age storms.  Bask in the glow of fire-orange “Mammoth” at a self-kindled fire.  Imagine the taste of tart berries with the red “Foraged”.

You can bring thess colors into your home with wall colors, maintaining a light Lascoux finish, and allowing you to introduce colors through other design accents.  Or look for lighting, accent pillows, and window coverings.

Why not start with the foundation of your room and use wide plank oak hardwood flooring in a “Bone” color finish for a light backdrop to your space.




The world as we know it is evolving every minute of every day creating a constant dynamic tension.  The colors in the Storm collection are a reflection of hot and cold dynamics of the world.

From bright red “Martian”, to the salmon orange “Flash”, desert brown “Sandstorm” and eggplant purple “Tumult” you have an exciting mix of colors that will have you visualizing storm skies and early morning sunrises.


You can bring these colors into your home through wall colors, textiles, or even the wood floors you select, like this Wide Plank Ash hardwood flooring


With the hot pink and yellow skinny jeans lining the shelves at fashion retailers, it is no wonder the “Clash” collection has come to fruition for 2013.  It will have you visualizing an iconic Andy Warhol painting on the wall.

This color collection offers you a number of ways to infuse color into your room.

Perhaps a the accent wall behind your cabinets.   Or a simple decorative lamp above the dining room table.

Bring out the “Havana” brown tone with a dark wood floor like Walnut.




The Alpine collection reflects our outdoor environments and bringing them into the home.  Interior Stylist Gudy Herder writes that the collection reflects “sustainability and renewing of energies.  Organic materials is used in an honest way to make poeple feel happy and healthy”.

Introduce colors from this collection into your home with design elements like artwork, pottery, painted shelving and area rugs.

Also consider natural wood floors or reclaimed wood flooring, like Original Surface Barnwood, for your wall and ceiling paneling.









Read more from Interior Stylist Gudy Herder, or find out more about Global Color Research and Mix Trends magazine.

Now that you’ve seen the new color collections, cast your vote.  What is your favorite collection and color?

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