Going the Extra Mile – Carlisle Prepares your floors for shipping!

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Going the Extra Mile – Carlisle Prepares your floors for shipping!

Sometimes in life it’s simple little things that can make a big difference.

 That’s why when your floor is complete we invest in many little steps to prepare it for the shipping process. After all it could be going 30 miles away or 6000 miles away and it needs to be ready.

Regardless of whether it’s reclaimed flooring or oak floors the steps we take to prepare your floor for shipping makes a big difference in the overall outcome of your project.

It will prevent damage during transporation and inclement weather, minimize delays to your project timeline, and ensure that everything arrives that you have ordered. 

Here are 7 things Carlisle does to prep your wood floor for shipping and protect your investment:

1. The wood is dead-packed one board on top of the other. This prevents boards from sliding around and scratching one another

2. A secure wood crate is built around the floor on pallets to provide a secure base and prevent damage, especially to the long boards

3. For Pre-Finished wood flooring we go even further in our packaging by building a solid “coffin-crate” around the floor that is impenetrable once complete


4. Secure Weather-tight tyvek wrap twill protect the floor from all types of weather




5. Detailed Labeling with the Order Name and Number of Packs so everything associated with your order stays together at Carlisle and in transit


6. Precautionary Labeling to prevent and minimize damage inside Carlisle and once your floor is in transit

7. Steel bands secure the crate together



Whether you are expecting a wood flooring delivery for an upscale hotel in Kuwait or a seashore cottage on Cape Cod we do everything we can to protect your investment and make sure it reaches you safely and securely.

For more information on this process and our flooring in general, request a free color brochure today.

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