Holiday Remodeling Ideas

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Holiday Remodeling Ideas

Fall is here and with that come the thoughts of the holidays. There will be family and friends to entertain and guests that will be stopping by and with this many people start to think of what they could do to add some flair to their homes. Now I thought we would have a look at some remodeling ideas that will help create a “new” look before the holidays and are relatively easy to do. Some of these you may be able to do yourself and some you may want to hire a professional help.



The easiest project to do is a new painted room. Simply by adding a new coat of paint or adding a new color, a room can be transformed to look totally new and exciting. Depending on your room and abilities, painting is something that many people can tackle on a long weekend.

Wood Floor Touch Up-Refinish

Another option to transform a room would be to have your wood floors sanded and refinished. You can change the color and touch up the finish to bring old floors back to life.  However refinishing floors needs to be done by a professional and there is still time to line up someone and have your room looking like you had new floors installed just for your guests.


Kitchen/Bathroom Upgrades

Now you may not want to change or remodel your whole kitchen or bath but what about changing and updating your faucets. If your faucets are a bit dated and showing their age, then hiring a plumber to install new ones will provide a new fresh look to these rooms and today there are almost limitless options. Modern fixtures are not as hard to install as they used to be and if you consider yourself handy, this may be a project that you would like to take on yourself.





Lighting Fixtures

Another option that you could consider is to update your lighting but this should be done by a licensed electrician. New lighting fixtures can create a new look and feel to a room that people may have seen many times before. They can be something unique that will have people talking but no matter the choice new lighting fixtures can change the atmosphere of the entire space.

These ideas are all capable of being accomplished by the holidays and will add new value to your home as well as create a new look that will have your family and guests admiring your newest project. These are just some of the ideas that you could think of doing before the holidays.

What would you suggest for an easy holiday project?



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