Home Bars that are Functional and Amazing

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One of the best things about having your own place is being able to entertain. Having a few friends over to catch up over drinks is a great way to create lasting memories and relax after a long work week.

When creating a bar for your home there are several factors to consider. Your bar should be fully stocked with different types of beverages to meet all of your friend’s differing tastes. The setting and layout should be attractive and secure. You want your expensive bottle to be safe in the bar, and serve as a stylish talking point at your next party.

Right: an island with bar with metal bar stools. Left: a dark wood at home bar

If you have a dedicated bar area, or if you are building one, choose a deep, warm wood color for your cabinetry which will give your bar a high-end look and feel. You can also use wood flooring as paneling on the back of your bar, to dress it up and make it look like a piece of custom cabinetry. This is a nice touch especially if you installed wood flooring in other areas of your home.

Next, you want to collect all of your liquor bottles in one place. The variety in size, shape, and color creates an interesting visual display. One easy bar solution is to place your bottles inside of a hard-serving tray. Place this tray in a prominent place in your kitchen or dining room, and choose one with handles so that it is easy to carry from room to room. Bar trays with a mirrored finish look sleek and luxe, or choose a colorful tray to create an eclectic, modern feel.

a gold-tones bar against a bright and colorful background

You can put your bottle tray on a cart to create a high-class, vintage impression in your home, then your bar can be easily maneuvered from room to room to serve your guests no matter where they are.

You can install a free-standing cabinet to hold your liquor and glassware and keep your space tidy, and out of sight until your next party. Collect your wine bottles in neat wine cubbies and hang your glasses on specifically made glass hooks. Be sure you store your most expensive bottles in a temperature controlled wine cooler, to ensure that your investment stays fresh and in prime condition. Uncorking a saved bottle at your next dinner party will make your guests feel special and solidify your reputation as an unforgettable host.

If you don’t have a dedicated bar area, just add bar stools to your existing kitchen island, and you can turn your nook into a stylish bar. Some hosts find themselves isolated in the kitchen while they put together food and mix drinks, while the party goes on without them. With this easy bar set-up, you’ll be able to cook dinner and prepare drinks, while still talking to your guests. Adding some industrial lighting above your bar will give it a modern feel and show your visitors that you are in tune with what’s hot in interior decor. Make sure your bar stools are comfortable, so your guests stay a while.

Creating a stylish bar that’s easy to use and functional takes some planning. Whether you decide to use a special tray or create an installed kitchen bar, show your guests that you’re serious about having fun. By creating a bar that’s easy to access and decorated with style and charisma, your next party is sure to be the talk of the town.

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