Home Décor Tips for The Serious Pet Lover

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What do you think of when you envision these items in your home – luxury bedding,  pillows , custom showers, hammock and slides? It’s not the home décor for your master suite or your child’s play structure. 

Think of the 4-legged children that reside in your home and all the ways you can make them comfy.

In honor of pet appreciation week, we bring you some home décor tips that any pet would want, and their owners might be jealous of too.

For Bedding

Just like your bedding, your pet bedding should be just as cozy, and stylish. Luckily, there are dozens of styles available.

This hammock is seriously cute and seriously stylish. Not suitable for all size pets, but cats and toy size dogs will be in heaven. It has a cool, mid-century modern design that can span many home décor styles.

This dog bed has a chic design, just like the human bed, so it fits perfectly in this bedroom.

Despite all your efforts, they may just laze around in spaces you weren’t expecting, so just go with it and make them as cozy as possible.

For Style

Custom Cabinetry

To best meet the needs of your pet, and your home, you may find that custom cabinetry is an important design element for your kitchen, laundry room, or another area of the room that will serve as your pet’s “home base”. You can incorporate this space into the design, so you can coordinate colors, textures, fabrics and overall design, with the rest of your décor.

As you are designing your kitchen you may want to incorporate dog bowls into the island, so they are out of the way, but still easily accessible. This is especially nice if you can coordinate the organization and design so pet treats and food are organized in the same area.

You may also wish to explore a custom bed built into cabinetry in a dining room or family room. This makes everyone happy because your dog is comfy, and safe when they are not directly under your feet.

When it comes to feeding your pet, don’t settle for plastic food bowls. Find a food dish that matches the color and style of your home.

Pet Photography

If you have serious pet love, or perhaps you wish to remember a recently passed pet, photography is the best solution.

Wood Floors

As if you needed another reason to install a wood floor in your home? Wood floors and pets go well together. Wood floors are easy to keep clean with a simple vacuum and/or regular mopping. This makes it easy to remove dirt, dust, pet dander and other allergens that could accumulate on other flooring products.

Many people think you have to choose the hardest wood floor if you have pets, the truth is there is no wood floor out there that is totally imperious to wear and pet scratches; even if you don’t scratch the wood, you are going to eventually get scratches and scuff marks in the finish. So choose your floor based on the look you want to create now and long term, as well on the ease of maintenance over time. Contact a Wide Plank Specialist to discuss easy refinishing solutions for our wood flooring styles that are pet, and pet owner friendly.

For Convenience

There are certain enhancements you can make to your home design to make pet ownership more convenient, and also best meet the needs of your pet – the best of both worlds.

Pet showers probably fall into the former category, suiting the owner more than the pet (dogs more than any other). But let’s face it pets, especially dogs, love to roll around in all sorts of unmentionables, and most pets don’t like baths. Save yourself, and your pet, the aggravation and create a separate pet shower area.

Or design an outdoor shower to hose them off outside.

As if this wasn’t enough, there are some high tech gadgets out there to make your pets lives so much easier, it might be helpful to their human companions as well.

Next time you need to update your exterior doors why not incorporate an automatic dog door. Your pet can enter and exit at their leisure with a sensor specific pet collar.

Do you want to keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule regardless of your schedule, there’s an app, and a device for that too with PintoFeed.

To manage water intake, especially during the warmer months, there is an automatic pet fountain that will turn on and off automatically based on your pet’s movement.

If you are short on space, check out the Murphy Dog Bed. I think one could argue this falls into the category of style and convenience.

For Play

Whether it’s jumping from rafters, or playing with a ball outside, pets love to play. You can create a home – or yard – filled with opportunity for playful pets.

This California home boasts enough playful corners to keep 18 rescued cats happy.

The outdoors aren’t just for play structures for your children, why not create a play space for your pets too – no treehouse required.

Love your pets, and they'll love you back.
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